Private Addiction Treatment Centre Program

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Why choose our Private Addiction Treatment Centre Program as opposed to a drug rehab centre?

Pathways Ocean Wild offers an ultra-modern and super unique Private Addiction Treatment Centre Program for regular people who want to stop drinking, drugging or self medicating in any way, shape or form for that matter. Some people are sick and tired of being sick and tired from anxiety, from depression and from behavious that they know should change, but have not changed for years or decades.

Modern Alternative to a Drug Rehab

This is where Mark L Lockwoods program and his team of registered professionals can help you. There is no one size fits all. There are NO generalizations and no two people are doing the same program at our Private Addiction Treatment Centre Program facility. Now, today, there is no reason to stay stuck, lost, sick, tired, worn out or emotionally damaged. Come heal with us today. Our Private Addiction Treatment Centre Program has what you or your loved one needs to heal, enrich and transform their lives.

Registered Addiction Psychology Specialists

Congratulations. You have found the alternative solution to traditional Drug Addiction Rehab Centres in our Private Addiction Treatment Centre Program. The most unique, modern and advanced recovery program in the country where clients get to keep their autonomy, privacy, their phones, their pride and their lifestyle while dealing deeply with addictions, depression, anxiety, burn-out and loss of purpose with our top registered addiction psychology specialists. Our notorious recovery program is run by Mark L Lockwood (author A Course In Recovery) and his team who provide an alternative to standard drug rehab centres. Why? There is a 5 to 20 percent success rate for traditional drug rehab centres. The profound difference in this program is that YOU get to make all the changes necessary to your life’s goals and transform your life in the long term. 


This Private Addiction Treatment Centre Program offers a completely unique experience to regular drug rehab centres. We provide a non-clinical environment with the top, registered addiction recovery experts in the field. No loss of privacy. No big crowds. Just transformational recovery at the highest international level. The Pathways team’s super-modern recovery programme is designed to take your recovery, safely to a new level.

Private Addiction Treatment Centre Program

If you or your loved one have tried drug rehab centres before with no success, maybe it is time to start our world class Course In Recovery. Well known around the world after 10 years of development, and unprecedented results we have created a one of a kind healing space with top registered addiction psychology specialists. The environment is profoundly personal. The program, run by Mark  L Lockwood and his registered team, is beyond anything one can experience elsewhere.

No Pressure. No Stress. Just Profound Personal Transformation.



Pathways Addiction Treatment Centre has 180 degree rolling ocean views is located where the best of African bush and Ocean meet. We have a world class private Addiction Treatment and adjacent wellness and aftercare centre, that takes clients through the ultimate experience of recovery in true African style. A powerful combination of geography, recovery and wildlife.

  • Real life recovery. Keep phones etc, and live recovery from day 1.
  • Small intimate groups with similar interests and cultural backgrounds.
  • 4-12 week complete recovery programs offered. Not registered as a normal punitive drug rehab centre. Our experiential programs rather mimic home-living environments that you can learn from day one and then continue to develop from home.
  • Families journey with the client through our parallel family program.
  • What you will change : everything psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual.

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Private Addiction Treatment Centre Program
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