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Addiction Treatments

When you are ready to take responsibility for your own recovery and seal the deal with healthy addiction treatments, we are here for you. The Pathways team’s programme is designed to take your recovery, safely to a new level. Our in-patient facility provides safe addiction treatments and programmes, comfortable living that is washed by unrelenting ocean views and the calm and tranquility that is Plettenberg Bay. Click here to see all of our addiction treatment programmes.


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The addiction treatments and programs is 12 step based in terms of handing over, cleaning house and giving back in your life, three foundation based aspects that the 12 steps are built on. At Pathways we focus deeply on body, mind, emotions and spirit. These 3 working together are in fact what our programme is centered on and we believe without working on all 3 aspects, lasting change is not possible. There are daily AA and NA meetings in Plettenberg Bay so choice is a given and attending at least three per week will provide you with the social recovery framework you need to get well and recover. In-patient recovery work is 100% individualized. Your unique addiction treatments coupled with a recovery focused social setting that is Plettenberg Bay, is the essence of what sets us apart from the rest. We take our client’s recovery seriously and that means working addiction treatments exactly the way it works for you.

Rehabilitation whether from substance, alcohol, mood or food addiction is an on-going process. Pathways addiction treatments are made just for you are the next step! We emphasize optimal living, the social development of our clients, and a modern yet classical philosophy that brings out the very best capabilities in our clients. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, and it’s never too late to start re-creating your life they way you have dreamed it should be.


We believe addiction has a route cause in our inner most emotional beings. It is entrenched in opposition to our vulnerability and rooted deeply into our value systems. It is at this root, below the anger, obsessions, hurt, guilt and compulsions that the problem of addiction needs to be dealt with.

Alcohol Addiction

Marijuana Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Heroin Addiction

Depression, Anxiety and Mood Disorders including Bi-polar, OCD and other disorders.

Internet, Sex, Love and Co-dependency Addictions

Crack, Methamphetamine, MDMA Addictions

Dual Diagnosis

Food and Eating Disorders

Prescription Drugs & Depression

Serial Relapse


Every day is different for everyone! Morning meetings and intrinsic motivations are followed by relaxed, intimate and thought provoking groups. Then generally we’re off to start our days, see our doctors, do our individual therapies and so on. Days are bustling at Pathways, yet well planned and non-stressful. It is all about productive energy. Productivity takes first place in our addiction treatments approaches.  Each person has different things to do each day. Different addiction treatments and activities as well as projects are available for clients to get stuck into. These assist us in learning how to plan, organise, execute and manage tasks. Once you get the hang of it, no project will seem to tough to tackle. Afternoons are split in the week between work and physically seeing the bigger offering of nature. There is never, ever nothing to do in Plett! Clients and therapists gather and go do fun projects together whenever they can. These activities include forest horse rides, hikes, sunrise walks, biking and many other things that help us get out of our comfort zones and into near things. Comfort zones never get people to grow to well. Staying stuck, and lost, fast becomes a thing of the past when people are allowed to do things at their own pace, with their own input. Fear in terms of an acronym is false evidence appearing real! We avoid believing things will be painful, just like we use substances in belief they will be pleasurable. But the reverse is true. Paradox at its finest. Addiction treatments need to cater for these aspects, this we provide a holistic approach that is physiological and well as psychological and spiritual. This is called the three pillar approach and holds a key to the success and failure as it is experienced in many addiction treatment programmes.

Our Breathtaking Beaches

Being situated a few hundred meters (300) from the beach means no transport is needed and you are free to move around unhindered. Sea views adorn most rooms and the views, sun rises and misty mountain views from the Lounge and Balconies is breathtaking.

Recovery on the beachfront
Recovery on the beachfront

Meetings are held everyday in Plettenberg Bay. The large addiction treatments and recovery community are always very welcoming and you can be assured of being welcomed with open arms. Everyone has their own issues, their own inner demons and diseases that they are learning to overcome. Helping each other with our specific addiction treatments is part of the magical experience that is finding ones true self in Plett Bay.

The mystery and passion of Plett bring something unique and beautiful
The mystery and passion of Plett bring something unique and beautiful

Why the area lends itself to growth, healing and recovery? No one really knows, but you can feel it the minute you arrive.

People don’t have to qualify to come to Pathways Plett. All you need is a genuine want to get well and stay well, to recover and renew, to enrich and refresh. Come heal with us, and experience addiction treatments at their very best.

We work hard at recovery. We play hard and healthy. We change lives together at the centre.
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Besides specializing in alternative addiction treatments – Pathways Plett Rehab has a host of additional services that may be of use to our clients:

In addition to all these addiction treatment services at our center, we offer the following:

One on One and Couple General Counselling – Sessions for depression, grief, relationships, etc. is done on and off premises. General counselling services ARE NOT ONLY ADDICTION RELATED. All individual, couple, marriage, food, anxiety, divorce, etc. counselling is done at Pathways.

In & Out-Patient addiction treatment programs that include counselling and self development packages

Life coaching & Self Development for companies and individuals.

Online general & Addictions counselling and self development monitoring

Personal and Spiritual Growth Workshop programmes.

Recovery Refresher Workshops and relapse prevention.

Interventions and patient transport worldwide – personalised intervention strategy.

Family and spouse addiction adjustment – for affected families

Celebrity VIP personalised care programme – completely off the radar, private and exclusive care in our selected apartments

Individualized tertiary and aftercare and sober living addiction treatment programs devised specifically for people who are on the go and wanting a fresh start.

Send an email inquiry for further details about our addiction treatments to or call us on 082 442 4779

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