Drug Rehab Aftercare programs

Drug Rehab Aftercare programs
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Drug Rehab Aftercare programs provide a 68 percent better chance of long term recovery. The continued care, or aftercare, is designed to keep you immersed and connected to all things recovery. It automatically helps with discipline and routine each week as you continue to transform your old life to a new and unfolding one. If you have ever relapsed before or have a long history of relapse then this course is highly recommended for you.

Drug Rehab Aftercare programs are designed as a comprehensive and basic structure. We hope you can attend as many of the sessions, outings, retreats etc as possible, and get involved in one or two of the deeper, more advance courses in months and years to come. However everything is in your hands to mould and hone as you continue your journey through our top rated Drug Rehab Aftercare programs. Work, travel and space are welcome.

We want you to continue growing abundantly with your mind opened, your hearts awakened and re-united with family, friends and ourselves and all that is sacred to you. We hope the aftercare experience for deep inner immersion together, as we bear a whole new level of love and joy, appreciation, compassion, connection and excitement along with a deep desire for you to contribute to your life, business, community and world…and perhaps beyond. Let’s do this…Gassho and Blessings.

BE THE CHANGE: a course in recovery with Pathways

Drug Rehab Aftercare programs

We recommend 12 weeks aftercare to start, from home or our aftercare residence in Plettenberg Bay. Go one month at a time and see what you need. Some clients have done 3, 5 and 10 years with us and have stayed clean. Each persona is different. There is no cure, only treatment (connection and action) for what ails many of us. Everyone is different. Without ongoing forefront work, forget it!

You start this all slowly with at least one progress and de-brief session a week, the creation of your personal and sacred space, we will send you some goodies for this too.  This is where we will keep a strong connection and hold space with you for healing and recovery from home. The group packages of the yoga, mindfulness, retreats, therapy groups etc. are individualized 100 percent. This is so you can choose the level of care you require at that particular time.

Drug Rehab Aftercare programs

Drug Rehab Aftercare programs include:

  • Continuation of all therapies, groups, outings, lunches and 12 ALL STEP COURSE WORK IN AA, NA, EA, or OA or non-12 Step.
  • DSTV (satellite tv, 24 hour high level security, washing, ironing, cleaning etc,
  • Tennis court, Squash Court, 2 swimming pools and secure walking circuit.
  • Being very close (LESS THAN 1KM) to the AA meeting rooms, Shops, Pathways Main House, Gym, several coffee shops, restaurants and beach – no car is needed. Pathways will also offer transport for general commuting as always.
  • 3 Bedroom apartment, private rooms, shared with 1 other person or alone.

For more information on our Drug Rehab Aftercare programs call +824424779 or email