Designer Addiction Treatment Centre

Designer Addiction Treatment Centre

Our Designer Addiction Treatment Centre programs at our bespoke luxury centre in South Africa allow people to design their own program of recovery. The Pathways programs are internationally known and are far beyond a traditional drug rehab centre format. We are not registered with any addiction treatment bodies and run a totally independent and completely private and holistic spiritual healing and wellness centre in Plettenberg Bay, the Monaco of South Africa. We run programs for depression, anxiety, burnout, trauma, addictions and stress that are known around the world and have been since 2012. We have a family of folks who have recovered from addictions and emotional, psychological and personality issues and have stood the test of time. Many of these people now help individuals themselves to heal and recover from what stops them in life.

No two people are the same and neither should their recovery program be the same. Mainstream drug rehabs are too big and too busy to do what private addiction programs can today. If you work with top psychological experts on what matters most, you can change your life for good!

Mark L Lockwood BA(HONS)(PSY)

At our Our Designer Addiction Treatment Centre programs at our luxury centre in South Africa allow people to design their own program of recovery have a dedicated team of psychologists and highly experienced independent professionals who operate as a very powerful healing and life transformational team to help people heal from burnout, stress, addictions, personality disorders and more. We understand that everyone is different. We have designed ultra-modern and highly effective programs for individuals who are seeking healing, growth and life transformation in all areas of their lives. One of these programs is the Pathways Addiction Treatment Centre which is designed for people who want an alternative way to find balance, harmony and restoration for themselves. This program is run at our Center for Healing and Life Transformation in South Africa, where Mark and his team help people from all over the world heal, restore and renew their lives. 

Did you know you can design your own program with us? We enjoy tailor making our 90 day programs with our clients to achieve the optimal results.

Make no mistake, since 2012, the professional experience of our Our Designer Addiction Treatment Centre programs in South Africa allow people to design their own program of recovery team is our strength and impact! All our work is word of mouth. Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy) and his team of registered and experienced psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors work in a super modern, person-centered manner, that is one of a kind.

Everyone is different! clinics and white walls are not for everyone. Neither are the 12 steps of Alcoholics anonymous. Some folks prefer to work with life coaches, holistic healers and learn how to find their spiritual selves rather than go for psychiatric or 12 step drug addiction treatment. Our Our Designer Addiction Treatment Centre programs mean you decide how the week will run and what you will do with your time and energy each day.

Most people have tried many, many other avenues by the time they reach us. When they do, we make profound personal transformations happen, together with the client, who is valued and treated as an individual looking for a higher quality life and freedom from mental and emotional suffering. If this is you, or your loved one, get involved today and learn more about our alternative and world renowned luxury Spiritual Healing and Wellness Center where we run our top private addiction program for clients. 

Designer Addiction Treatment Centre


With over thirty years of combined experience in treating all types of addiction, personality disorder and dual diagnosis cases, we are proudly confident that we have some of the most experienced people on our team.  Our team of 10 consultant doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists we have worked with for over a decade know how uniquely we work and they too, provide the client with the very best in modern treatments available. When a client works with this team, amazing things begin to happen. End of story! Healing occurs on many levels and there are no words to explain it. There is a connection that runs right through our daily work, from top down that is simply wonderful to be a part of. 

Our Designer Addiction Treatment Centre programs run at our luxury centre in South Africa allow people to design their own program of recovery Program caters for healing at our luxury center as well as online, and even have multiple aftercare options and courses. An ultra-modern and non-clinical, non-rehab styled take on in-patient primary, secondary and tertiary care is offered as well as online counselling to all drug and alcohol abuse clients, depressive and anxiety disorders, dual diagnosis and eating disorders. We are also determined serial relapse specialists who believe in the most modern international approach to addiction treatment, coupled with ancient wisdom. In other words we are all inclusive and non-ritualistic or dualistic in our approaches. One of the first things people learn about our drug rehab centre. We are open, inclusive and progressive rather than closed, exclusive and stagnant. That’s the thing about our super unique Addiction Treatment Center Program that makes it as special as it is. 

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Pathways has a superb, clean and serene luxury facility, situated amongst a dozen white, sandy beaches. The Cape Province have rolling, sandy, white beaches like no other. All clients have luxury large private rooms, or large private villas that are en suite offer privacy and the space necessary for healing to occur. Comfort and a homely experience dominates luxury, making it a standard home away from home experience. Ours is a mature program for those who are ready and want to get well!

Besides the surrounding oceans, beaches, forests and mountains we have a pool deck, big screen HDTV’s, uncapped fibre wifi etc. This ensures we have all the modern comforts of home to assist our clients in a homely and luxurious setting. We’re literally on the beach with 180 degree views and overlook a canopy of never ending forest trees and forests and a game reserve as well! This allows us to make the most of the area, which is a home away from home for our clients. Tons of personal space, on many levels, creates the ultimate work space for our clients healing, recovery and life transformation. 

Our Spiritual Healing and Wellness Center specialise not only in personalised non-clinical drug and alochol rehabilitation but also in very well developed, modern DSM-5 Addiction Treatment centre for serial relapse, and co-morbidity clients (addiction, burnout, anxiety and depression etc.) who are ready to re-integrate their lives back into society. Again, due to small numbers for privacy, it is all personalized to the clients needs. This is not available nor possible at a clinical or standard registered styled drug rehab centre, which we definitely are not. With us you will find a modern, intensive and highly impactful therapeutic program that provides lasting and radical change. 

Luxury Rehab Centre

Design your own program 

We don’t believe throwing you into a setting where you have to fit in to general lectures and only have 12 step lectures all day. In fact, that is about ten percent of our program. Connecting the four pillars of emotional, physical, psychological and your spiritual self is paramount to our work with you as well. So no stone is left unturned. 

Did you even know you can design your own program with us? We enjoy tailor making our 30-90 day programs with our clients to achieve the optimal results. We work with you at the centre and then you continue the work with our tea, from home. You are able to choose how your day flows and what you wish to spend your time doing. 

For more information about Our Designer Addiction Treatment Centre programs get in touch today. There is no longer any reason to stay stuck in what doesn’t work for you. You may be averse to the 12 steps, drug rehab centres, psychologists and the like, but you should not be averse to healing and healthy living that works. Don’t stay stuck is our message for those wanting to live a life of meaning and purpose.