Pathways Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre

Pathways Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center 


pathways drug and alcohol rehab center

Everybody is uniquely different, so is our drug and alcohol rehab center. If you have been around the block before, it’s probably time for the Pathways Ocean Wild healing and recovery experience. 

Pathways drug and alcohol rehab center do almost everything differently than a standard drug and alcohol rehab center in South Africa. We specialize in a number of highly focused inpatient treatment options for our clients that work holistically on mind, body, emotions and soul. Clients are treated as unique individuals and are not subjected to any punitive restrictions. Absolutely everything is designed so that we stay connected to our clients and keep personal healing and the transformation journey first place.

“‘Completely unique addiction treatment center. Specializing in depression, anxiety, burnout and long-term drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Everyone is doing a modern, unique program run by highly regarded, registered professionals with decades of combined experience in the field.”

A completely unique experience to the regular Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center.

We provide a non-clinical environment with the top, registered addiction recovery experts in the field. No loss of privacy. No big crowds. Just transformational recovery at the highest international level. The Pathways team’s super-modern recovery program is designed to take your recovery, safely to a new level.

If you or your loved one have tried drug rehab centres before with no success, maybe it is time to start our world class Course In Recovery. Well known around the world after 10 years of development, and unprecedented results we have created a one of a kind healing space. The environment is profoundly personal. 

  • No Pressure. No Stress. Just profound personal transformation.
  • Pathways is one of the only centres in the country where you can still be yourself, finding yourself, in a comfortable and homely setting.
  • Welcome to the next level of your transformation.

Our recovery methodology is modern and different, and it has to be, to give people lasting transformation at the highest level…if you want to heal and recover from addictions, from anything that’s had you emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually stuck, then you need to start A Course In Recovery with us today at our center in Plettenberg Bay South Africa, just 45 minutes from Cape Town. 

  • Improve my mental mindset and my emotional well-being.
  • Maximize my health and recovery
  • Advance my career goals and objectives
  • Heal from depression, anxiety and addictions
  • Increase my productivity
  • Enhance my life direction
  • Find my life purpose, meaning, mindfulness

Our program is well known as having a significant, long term impact on many people from across the globe. Since our inception, data shows Pathways offers superior, professional and passionate addiction recovery that works! 

So much added value!

Pathways Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center has 180 degree rolling ocean views is located where the best of African bush and Ocean meet.

We have a world class private Addiction Treatment centre and adjacent wellness and aftercare centre, that takes clients through the ultimate experience of recovery in true African style. A powerful combination of geography, recovery and wildlife gives you the best of both worlds.

Our clients have a choice of multiple private rooms or single rooms to choose from. Cleaning service, Satellite TV in rooms and uncapped wifi are provided to ensure comfort and privacy. We have tennis and squash courts and two private pools for our clients. 

What you can expect

A multidisciplinary (MDT) team of registered professionals and doctors underpin our programs. Gym, Hiking, personal mindfulness practitioners and advanced and comprehensive  treatment techniques. Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psych) team are well known as the best in the country for their track record to deliver lasting results to clients who both need and demand long term life change.

What will you do for downtime?

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean with its sandy white beaches on one side and several Cape Nature game reserves we have the very best of serene nature to offer our clients. 

Hiking, Oceans, 7 Nature Reserves, Unspoiled Beaches, The Big 5, Knysna Forests, Boating, Whale Watching, Lagoon workshops, Meditation, Art and all things mindfulness and our own client boat for adventure outings.

So, what now?

Book in and make sure to bring all you want with you in terms of electronic equipment, books, sports gear, personal stationary and so on. Start your recovery today and finally transform your life. You don’t need to stay stuck, regardless of your past!

World-class, super-modern drug rehab center solutions

Our course in addiction recovery treats underlying disorders , definitely not just the addictions, and has been developed so that people can get connected to the right material, therapy and course work online and start to heal their lives. Many people come stay at Pathways Wellness and Recovery Center in Plettenberg Bay for several weeks or months, others connect from all corners of the world online.

There is no one size fits all approach here. We work with what we have, without limitations and have a growing network of people who are achieving massive results from doing the work. From 12 step to non 12 step therapies, DBT, CBT, REBT and 2019’s finest holistic approaches – you get to decide the course you wish to take! Essentially we implement therapy with nature as you’ve never seen it before, but also get to experience a highly modern and cutting edge treatment program that focuses deeply on connecting body, mind, soul, emotions and spirituality.

Enjoy recovery without loosing any of your personal comforts and freedom to make all your own healthy choices in treatment. Ours is a distinctively mature program inviting you to recover through making your life a masterpiece. Don’t settle for a regular recovery experience any less than this! Take radical action, no matter what you are dealing with, and come heal with us. 

Our mission: To create a space for personal inspiration, growth, and life transformation.

Most of our work is done by referral, by clients who know what it takes to really implement lasting recovery changes at a high quality level. In a very uncertain time for traditional addiction treatment, know that with 30 years plus of professional experience, we know what works and what is sustainable. We offer an intensive program that is time honored, yet allow our clients the freedom to grow in an environment that suits their particular lifestyle needs.

drug and alcohol rehab center pathways western cape south africa

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Make Your Life Extraordinary!

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Learn and grow in any area of your life!

If it is a life changing wellness and addiction recovery programme you seek, look no further!

For advice, assistance or admissions, call now 082-442-4779 or email

Top registered addiction psychology specialist team with a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in the heart of paradise. Established 2012, our highly rated recovery program is run by Mark L Lockwood (author A Course In Recovery and Recovery Magic) and his clinical team who provide a super modern and holistic alternative to standard drug rehab centres. 

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center



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