Wellness Centre Programme

Center for Healing and Life Transformation programmes are designed to restore, revive and rejuvenate our clients and restore harmony where there may be unwelcome stress and unrest. 

Mark L Lockwood BA(Hons)(psy) and his experienced, well-known team, are here to help you heal and transform your life for good. Don’t stay stuck! Come and heal with us.

Wellness Centre Programme


We treat drug, alcohol and all other addictions. We also treat burnout, depression and fatigue at Center for Healing and Life Transformation. Our counsellors are well known for their work with depression, eating disorders, and lifestyle stress issues. Our Wellness Centre Programme works hand in hand with a top notch Spa, overlooking the shores of the majestic Indian Ocean. We use the best clinicians, doctors, therapists and mindfulness experts that comfortably match international standards. Well being is more important to an individual than it ever has been, as people are stretched and put through there paces in modern life.

“Get away and recover. A flight to the garden route, Cape Town South Africa, is all it takes to heal, enrich, restore and recover. Addictions, depression, physical and psychological wellness. Affordable, discreet and professional.”

Take clear control of your health and well being with therapeutic guidance, targeted screenings, medical programs and healthcare guidance suited to your wellness goals.

People come to stay with us on our Wellness Centre Programme packages because they realize that an aspect of their life is consuming everything else. Be it drugs, food, alcohol, depression, divorce, anxiety, sex, gambling, trauma, mood or even corporate burn out. We have combines professional experience of over three decades and some of the most experienced and well known counsellors in Africa on our team.

Wellness Centre Programme


  • Healthy Lifestyle Programme: Lose weight, develop healthy eating guidelines,
  • Smoking Cessation programme.
  • Taking the control back of your own life, looking forward to a positive future.
  • Cessation from other harmful substances, habits and behaviours to more healthy and productive ones.
  • Motivation and rejuvenation Package. Re-charge and re-start your life as you were meant to live it.
  • Overcome depression, anxiety, trauma and disorder.
  • IV Therapy and, or natural cleanse and detox.


  • Healing from depression, breakdown and burnout.
  • Recovering from aesthetic, or plastic surgery.
  • Recovery from traumatic life experiences: divorce, trauma and injury.
  • Life reset programme.
  • Detox and weight loss programme.
  • Sleep Recovery and Stress release.


Many clients come to us with multiple issues. Essentially taking the control back of your own life, connecting body, mind and soul and looking forward to a positive future are some of the first steps towards clinical wellness at its best!

Therapies in our Wellness Centre Programme at Center for Healing and Life Transformation are personalized, so every single programme is of course different. The main aspect is the therapists that focus on body, mind and soul connections and healing.

Some of the general therapies used include Full House therapies from our Spa and Wellness Partner. One of the best in the country specializing in massage, hydrotherapy and non-surgical aesthetics. Equine, Wilderness therapy, Psychotherapy and present moment conscious realization are all geared to allow you to live a healthy life of contribution, purpose and meaning.

For more information about Center for Healing and Life Transformation Wellness Centre Programme’s please email: info@pathwaysplettrehab.co.za; or call +27824424779. Go directly to the main web site here.

Wellness Centre Programme


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