Ego defences and addiction treatment

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When we make conflicting demands upon the poor ego, it is understandable if you feel threatened, feel overwhelmed, feel as if it were about to collapse under the weight of it all.  Ego defences and addiction treatment always begin with both denial and blaming. You can almost guarantee an addicted brain will be functioning off […]

Modern and Mindful Addiction Recovery

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Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside, awakens! Carl Jung LOOKING OUTSIDE IS PROJECTION. LOOKING WITHIN IS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE. Psychology Today explains what Modern and Mindful Addiction Recovery is: actively paying attention to the present moment, taking stock of what you’re thinking and feeling, and offering no criticism or judgment. Mindfulness is simply making […]

Can addictions be cured?

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It’s a common fact that most people have said no to the question of “Can addictions be cured?”. It has been said in alcoholics anonymous that is is arrestable, and then treatable over ones life-time. In other words their is no cure, you have to keep getting the treatment. The treatment has been, mostly a […]

What is Spirituality?

Posted Posted in Uncategorized Everybody is talking about it. So what is spirituality really? It is not just a buzz word, but a higher part of ourselves that we can learn to access to lead a more purposeful and meaningful life. Mark L Lockwood helps people heal from addictions, depression and anxiety all over the world through A […]

Daily addiction Recovery Checklist

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WHY WORK A Daily addiction Recovery Checklist – step 10 focuses on daily accountability How Often Should We Take A Personal Inventory? It Works: How and Why of NA tells us that while our goal is to maintain continuous awareness of ourselves throughout each day, it’s very helpful to sit down at the end of each […]

The rewards of addiction recovery


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12 OF THE REWARDS OF ADDICTION RECOVERY When first entering recovery, many of us find ourselves with a few doubts and reservations. We fear that it might become harder to make friends once we can no longer go to a bar and buy a few rounds. Perhaps we fear that we may lose the friends […]

The price of enabling your child


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WHEN HELPING BECOMES HARMFUL         “Enabling an addict can be a difficult habit to break. For the addict to realize the consequences of their behavior, their loved ones must stop enabling drug abuse. Thus, addiction is a family disease. This is sometimes the only way an addict will ever truly recover” What is enabling? You […]