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drug and alcohol addiction treatment team

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment team

Our expert medical drug and alcohol addiction treatment team of registered therapists is led by a treatment team of consultant psychiatrists, doctors and addiction professionals who provide a full range of world-class addiction treatment options for our clients. Because we utilize an individualized treatment program at Center for Healing and Life Transformation, that is highly client specific, the team can treat people very specifically and directly. This can make a huge difference to the success of treatment, where one could get lost in the crowd. Our small numbers and focus on emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of our clients makes all the difference. our treatment team is considerable and highly collective in terms of skills.

Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape, just 45 minutes from Cape Town has an absolute wealth of experienced medical and health practitioners. All these amazing people comprise our addiction treatment team and every one of them helps Pathways to pursue and build its name for leading edge addiction treatment, that meets people where they are in their own, unique process.

drug and alcohol addiction treatment team

Extensive experience in addiction treatment and recovery of over 3 decades is important to your success. We are all degreed specialists. We do not only have people who have addiction backgrounds helping our clients. This team of special and devoted practitioners includes specialist psychiatrist Doctor Swanepoel, Doctor Peter Berning, Doctor Samuel Botha and Doctor Johan Olivier. Our addictions counselling team includes Helen Schaffer, David Laurence, Caz, Wendy Lockwood, Sacha, Beverly, Justin, Maria and Mark L Lockwood. 

Our empathetic, professional and caring team includes:

– Physicians and a Consulting Psychiatrist with specializations in addiction medicine

– Clinical Psychologists, registered counsellors and renowned addictions therapists.

– Fully trained therapists, and addiction counsellors with advanced addiction training and degrees.

– Certified consultant Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT)

– Clinical Nutritionist

– Physical health instructors with in-depth knowledge in weight training, fitness, massage, kinesiology, yoga and physical education

– Life Hospital Knysna does our clinical detox work and Plett Medi Clinic deals with general and emergency issues.

treatment team

treatment team

Clinical Director of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment team

Mark L Lockwood South Africa

Mark L Lockwood BA(psych)(hons) – Clinical Director of Center for Healing and Life Transformation and the Pathways Addiction Treatment Program Mark has invaluable experience gained at some other addiction treatment centres in South Africa, giving him a unique insight into what works, and importantly what doesn’t! Mark has developed his counselling career since 1997 in Johannesburg South Africa, and has worked extensively in therapy for 20 years helping people from all over the world to actualize their full potential and live a life of purpose and meaning. He has been specializing in addiction in particular over the last eight years, bringing fresh new and needed insights into the field. Today he is an addictions therapist and director for Center for Healing and Life Transformation, who specializes in ensuring clients live healthier, more productive lives, free from the bondage of addictions and related disorders. 


Wendy Lockwood BA(psy)(unisa)- Administration Wendy has a 4 year degree in psychology and a passion for people and is well liked by all the clients whom she helps to facilitate their individual programmes with on a daily basis. Wendy is not only passionate, but person centered in her approach to the treatment programmes. Wendy sits at the core of the programme, and is the glue that keeps it all together, running thing with a smooth and calm efficiency, second to none. 

Pathways Rehab Plett

Helen Schaffer BA (Honours) – Registered addictions Counsellor Helen is a registered Clinical Social Worker, a Psychotherapist , and a Qualified Addictions Counselor, who graduated with Honours from the University of Natal Durban. She has 30 years working experience in the field.

Caz- Registered addictions counsellor Carole is a registered Counsellor who studied with the South African College of Applied Psychology and received her Counselling and Communication Diploma in 2013. She is currently studying for her Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences degree and will graduate in 2019. She has been living in recovery since 2009. She specializes in Trauma and Addiction Counselling as well as MS Support and has experience in the issues surrounding traumatised children and their parents in the sub economic areas surrounding Knysna. She is a member of the Council of Counsellors of South Africa (IR0882).


Drama, emotions and CBT Group Stuart has been involved in theatre for over 25 years. His passion for theatre turned professional in 2001 and he has not looked back since. He has been involved in many film and theatre productions as actor, director, writer, producer, company director and general dog’s body. His work in addictions is evolving rapidly and the energy he generates is palpable. 


Dr. Peter Swanepoel- Psychiatrist Dr. Swanepoel is a specialty psychiatrist. He is based at the neuro clinic and has an in-depth knowledge about addiction, detox and disorder.

Our Treatment Team Doctors

Pathways Plett Olivier

Dr. Johan Olivier

As a member of the SA Psychiatric Association, he has a passion for psychiatric interventions, which is highly apt when it comes to dealing with addictions. Dr Olivier is also a General Practitioner with a general practice in Knysna, and 14 years experience particularity in the filed of addiction.

Dr. James Botha

Dr Botha, Samuel James, is a healthcare practitioner, specializing as a General Practitioner, GP, in Plettenberg Bay and has fast developed a particular skill with helping in the treatment of addiction and dual diagnosis, as well as general healthcare facilitation as our GP.

addiction shuttle service

Ken  – Transport and Airport Shuttle

Ken gets clients safely to and from the centre and is always available for any special transport needs.

 treatment team

Colby is our centres rescue rehab dog. She was simply born for her position and always takes an interest in new patients settling in. Colby manages security.

Some of the more prominent services we use include over and above our drug and alcohol abuse counseling services:

– Chiropractors

– Psychiatrists

– Detox Psychiatric Services

– Nutritionists

– Addiction Counsellors

– Career Development Managers

– Board Certified Psychiatrists

– Dietitians

– Personal Trainers

– Licensed acupuncturists

– Spa & Beauty Therapists

– Drivers Education Services.

– Sports & Fitness Trainers

– A Wellness Clinic

– Massage centres

– Yoga instructors

– Drug and alcohol abuse counsellors

– Plett Medi Clinic (internationally rated)

– Horse trainers, Surf instructors, Mountain Climbers, NSRI, Skippers, Mountain Bikers and all the fun stuff you  would expect to find at one of the worlds top 10 destinations.

For additional information about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment team  or any of our programs at Center for Healing and Life Transformation get in touch today


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