Addiction Treatment Programmes

Addiction Treatment Programmes like you’ve never experienced before. The Pathways staff are dedicated to creating a safe, luxurious rehabilitation secure and sacred place to allow for personal awareness and life transformation; physically, mentally and spiritually. We don’t do old school group you together rehab…not with such a low success rate. We believe that health is the ultimate luxury. Through a guided fitness regime, wellness support and properly calibrated nutrition, our immersive programs allow guests to detoxify their bodies in a healthy, sustainable way, all while getting back to basics in nature. Our Addiction Treatment Programmes give one the opportunity to determine where they are on the road to balanced and healthy living along with the knowledge and tools to make sustainable healthy changes in their daily lives.



Luxury Rehab and More! Quick look reference guide of Addiction Treatment Programmes additional services we offer:

  • Meaningless and purpose fulfilment
  • Pre relationship cessation or divorce courses
  • Mindfulness, purpose and Spirituality courses
  • Addictions, Obsessions and burnout (30 years experience with registered professionals). Uniquely choose 12 step, Minnesotta or Matrix Model, Smart Recovery, CBT addiction treatment or DBT addiction recovery. 
  • Detoxification support with our psychiatrist at a local clinic
  • Smoking cessation courses
  • Sexual dysfunction, growth, sensuality and intimacy courses for couples or individuals
  • Spiritual awakening 
  • Modern Christian Spiritual Courses
  • Christian Addiction Recovery Courses
  • Holistic (all religion) and spirituality amalgamation courses

Through depression to Recovery and Beyond!


Pathways Plett Addiction Treatment Programmes offers the very best in modern drug addiction treatment. Not old-schooled dogma. Our ex-clients agree that the recovery work you do is designed to go deep and last. To change lives. To bridge the gap of where you are to where you need to be. Talk is cheap, however our friends around the world are testament to the remarkable success of the work our clients do. Our usual programme is anywhere from 30, 60 or 90 days. However, everyone is an individual at Pathways, so programmes are personalized to suit each clients specific requirements. We we include on and off site work, we are run by registered professionals that help our clients deal with  treating all drug and alcohol addictions. We furthermore also deeply treat depression, dual diagnosis, self-harm, eating disorders and gambling. Drug addiction rehab programmes are also designed for sex and love addiction, prescription drugs, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, smoking cessation and all other substances.

Our various Addiction Treatment Programmes include group work, lectures, therapy sessions, progress sessions and general, amazing and life changing life experience activities. These are balanced with practically learning how to live and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. How to thrive on exercise, freedom and healthy food in a sober, comfortable and relaxed context.

Pathways luxury rehab centre offers the very latest developments in both 12 step and psychological recovery. We operate as an alternative to regular 12 step rehab by incorporating personal growth strategies over and above anything else. We do not label people. We do not take away either their phones or their dignity…we don’t break you down. We don’t run our centre like an express factory shipping clients in and out. Pathways is special, magical and practical all at the same time.  With decades of combined and up to date professional experience, our team have gained significant results for our clients from all over the world. This is fast becoming a trend that is synonymous with the name Pathways Plett. Wellness, long term recovery and healing are our main areas of focus. We delve beyond addiction into the emotional and spiritual aspects of life and recovery.

To complement your treatment a wealth of local professional practitioners complete our client offering, ensuring world class standards of healthcare are maintained. Our modern, yet classical Addiction Treatment programme approach to getting our clients ‘better than well’ rests on an existential, warm and person-centered approach to therapy. Furthermore clients at our drug addiction rehab center are encouraged not merely through the twelve steps. Deep emotional, psychological and spiritual therapeutic work is the heart beat of our facility. Essentially, we provide highly focused professional healing at our distinctive addiction treatment centre that changes lives! If it is an alternative, high quality, life changing wellness and addiction recovery programme you seek, look no further!


With each phase of treatment, focus and growth, more responsibility is given to the clients from the outset. We find people tend to stay clean in drug addiction rehab centres, but often relapse once home, and removed from a safe environment.  Did you know that a 5% to 20% recovery rate is arguably the most accurate statistic for traditional recovery from chronic addictions, with 5% arguably being the most accurate figure? 

Over and above doing deep emotional work on the clients underlying issues that surround their addiction, at the luxury Pathways Plett Rehab and Wellness Centre, situated right o the beach, we develop social, and life skills alongside our Addiction Treatment Programmes. We put the theory learned in primary treatment into ecstatic motion in the practical side of secondary care. Often this makes all the difference to long term, sustained recovery. Money management, healthy cooking and eating, and balancing work, play and sports is essential to a good primary and secondary care treatment programme.


Pathways Plett Rehab have an array of stunning facilities for you to stay at that includes all the privacy and the level of luxury you require.  


Pathways Plett Rehab and luxury Wellness Centre is renowned for having and maintaining long term relationships with clients who have worked hard in this unique programme, leaving clients and counsellors as friends. We constantly offer support and keep in touch with these clients, and offer resources from time to time to keep recovery alive and in first place. There are many aftercare options. There are yearly retreats. There are also many of courses and online options we use to keep in touch, and connected through aftercare support like no other. Many friends are made in Plettenberg Bays large recovery community for those who build a reputation of wanting to live the recovery lifestyle. Staying in touch with these friends in recovery is awesome and encouraged. Knowing you have a support system like ours, and a place where you are always welcome to get care and assistance is something we value! A good friend can always remind you of things you don’t want to be reminded of yourself.

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