masks of addiction

Masks of addiction

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We often speak of honesty in addiction treatment. The masks of addiction that people wear, are almost always evident on the faces of those who seek out rehabilitation programs for addictions. Somewhere along the line people have not only become addicted to food, substances or anything else, but they have also become addicted to their […]

Recovery from addiction

Recovery from Addiction

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Recovery from Addiction by changing the way you do things. Nothing changes if nothing changes and Gandhi reminds us to be the change we want to see. In other words it is actually ‘you’ who need to change, not everything else! Below are top tips for making changes in your life from any kind of […]

beauty in recovery

Time Lapse over the Skies

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Beauty in recovery   Buddhist Pema Chodron  spoke on the misfortune of missing beauty and said, “I were sitting at the rim of the Grand Canyon with a bag over my head.” It doesn’t matter how much goodness we have in our life is we’re not taking it in. Many of us are so focused […]