Love addiction Treatment

Love Addiction Treatment

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The highest goal Love Addiction treatment therapists can have for clients is to help them realise the solutions to their problems lie within, and to pass on tools to help guide them to those powerful inner answers.  This blog attempts to do just that – to provide the tools you can use to help yourself […]

Romance and Recovery

Sex and Love Addicted

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Call Us Now 082-442-4779 Being sex and love addicted Carson McCullers talks us through being sex and love addicted. Being sex and love addicted and obsessed with a person or a relationship, and calling that obsession love, is a phenomenon that is finally being recognized as a pervasive and serious problem. Anne Schaef, in her book Co-dependence: Misunderstood, Mistreated, […]

Love test


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Recovery from addiction Did you know that the most prominent factors that contribute to love addiction are childhood neglect or abandonment, rejection, and physical, emotional or sexual abuse. As a result of insecure attachments in childhood, love addicts may lack confidence and a sense of self. Love and the lack of it contributes to all […]

how to be your own therapist

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Learn how to be your own therapist Autotherapy is a book that acts as therapist. It is a Path to the healing and restoration of Body, Mind and Soul. Pulling no punches and telling it like it is, this book is about personal development, relationships and spirituality. Taking the reader into the realm of the […]