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Drug Rehab South Africa

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Why Drug Rehab South Africa Call Now 082-442-4779 or email Pathways Drug Rehab South Africa is situated in the Cape Province on the garden route of South Africa. Clients are collected from George Airport or from Plettenberg Bay Airport and brought to the centre. South Africa is often ideal geographically to break away from the intense clinical setting […]

Commitment in recovery

Commitment in recovery

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Commitment in recovery from addiction You are capable of whatever you put your mind to, however you must remember that putting your mind to it is not enough. You need commitment in recovery. You need to walk it through with willingness. You need to take your thought and theory and put it into praxis, which […]

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Purpose and the addiction problem

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What is an addiction problem? Looking at the addiction problem, we must ask ourselves where it comes from. Why is the addiction problem affecting one out of ten in America today? And why are half of Americans on some kind of anti-depressant or another? Something seems well out of whack! The addiction problem manifests itself in many forms, […]

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Narcotics Anonymous – How NA Works

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HOW NA WORKS AND WHY IT DOES Narcotics Anonymous is a very special programme. The very name evokes many to turn and run screaming “cult” or worse. Yet, the very essence of the programme may be exactly what most people need. Even though how and why NA works will elude many, perhaps to their peril. […]

Nature based addiction treatment

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Nature based addiction treatment in the Wilderness of Africa? Yes, please. Life gets better! Work, effort and nature are required for it to show results. Without these things, we know that nothing changes if nothing changes. We call it Nature based addiction treatment. Breaking away from group therapy session, AA and NA meetings, draining and […]

mask in recovery


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MASKS IN RECOVERY   WHO AM I : MASKS WE WEAR IN RECOVERY Halloween is the night of 31 October, the eve of All Saints’ Day, often celebrated by children dressing up in frightening masks and costumes. Something the rest of us tend to do well for the rest of the year as adults. By wearing […]

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Shame in your recovery

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Shame in your recovery. Feeling ashamed of yourself has to be depressing. This is what we deal with as a core issue in most cases of addiction recovery at Pathways Plett Centre. A critical problem with several previous theories is that the origin of the depression is not clear, i.e. where exactly does the helplessness, the […]

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Creating Change In December 1955 Rosa Parks decided not to give her seat to a white passenger, as she was supposed to. She didn’t just change civil rights with her action. Things were never the same again. You see creating change in reality comes when people decide to do things differently, even if it costs […]

Perspective in recovery

Let It Go

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Addiction and disease. Let it go Every time a negative or gloomy thought enters your mind deliberately take it out, think it out, voice it out. Let it go. Be free from addiction today. You must choose not to think about it rather you must choose to think about what it is your purpose is from here. […]