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Addiction leads you to insanity

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How is it that people who suffer from addiction, just won’t stop. They won’t listen to reason. They simply refuse to be restored to sanity in addiction. They get beaten up in the boxing ring day after day in life. The insanity is that they go back for more each and every morning! Many people with […]

Meditation and mindfulness in addiction recovery

Meditation and Mindfulness in addiction recovery

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THE ART OF “SITTING” Meditation and mindfulness in addiction recovery, or “sitting,” needn’t be complex or esoteric. It is an essential part of recovery from depression, addiction and dis-ease. It is, as the name implies, merely sitting with a few simple guidelines. We would speak of “our 11 o’clock ‘sit’” or that our “meditation sit’ might consist […]

stages of addiction

Stages of Addiction

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Understanding the stages of addiction Although the stages of addiction are different for everyone, it is good to have a general idea of how addiction progresses. Stage One usually is about experimentation. Some people experiment, and their use stops there. For others, this can be the first step in a lifelong struggle with substance abuse. Stage […]

krokodil addiction

Krokodil Addiction

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  WHAT IS KROKODIL ADDICTION? Desomorphine, known by the street name Krokodil, is an opioid derivative of codeine. Like heroin and other opioids, it has a sedative and analgesic effect, is highly addictive, and potentially harmful. Of note, Krokodil is presumed to contain desomorphine, but due to illicit, home based, manufacturing, it may contain other […]

stinking thinking

Clean thinking in addiction

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Now is the Time for Clean Thinking Clean thinking is a sign of recovery.  Stinking thinking signals relapse. Clean thinking is a sure sign that people are self-aware.  They readily admit that their perceptions and behaviour have been shaded and muddled by their addictive disease.  They are not afraid or ashamed to admit their faults […]

paradox and addiction

Pills and Paradox

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Pills and Paradox: The truth about pain and Pleasure Have a “pleasant‚ peaceful‚ safe and spiritually uplifting Easter weekend”‚ but also “show compassion and renew‚ strengthen and support the underprivileged in our communities”. That was President Jacob Zuma’s good wish greeting to the people of South Africa on Thursday‚ ahead of the holiday weekend. However pleasant […]

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Grandiosity in drug addiction

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The Grandiosity Barrier in drug addiction recovery “Two people have been living in you all of your life. One is the ego, garrulous, demanding, hysterical, calculating; the other is the hidden spiritual being, whose still voice of wisdom you have only rarely heard or attended to.” WHAT IS GRANDIOSITY? Grandiosity drug addiction recovery is a false […]

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Shame in your recovery

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Shame in your recovery. Feeling ashamed of yourself has to be depressing. This is what we deal with as a core issue in most cases of addiction recovery at Pathways Plett Centre. A critical problem with several previous theories is that the origin of the depression is not clear, i.e. where exactly does the helplessness, the […]