The price of enabling your child

The price of enabling your child

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The Price of Privilege The following excerpt from The Price of Privilege about the price of enabling your child was published in the San Francisco Chronicle on June 25, 2006; page CM – 6, and has been adapted for Pathways Wellness Retreats. Mark L Lockwood, therapist says, “It provides a remarkable insight into enabling adult children, and […]

depression rehabilitation centres

Useful depression rehabilitation centres

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Overcoming Depression and Addiction Useful depression rehabilitation centres help clients to rebuild self esteem through new, sober decision making. Many turn to substances, isolation, drinking, gambling and other vices to distract from real life issues. The good news is chemical-free living offers choice.  In order to achieve self-satisfaction and fulfillment, to enjoy being straight, you […]

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Anxiety and addiction

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Call Now 082-442-4779 or email Challenging Anxious Thoughts One of the biggest issues we see in our drug rehab centres that is coupled with anxiety in addiction. Anxiety in addiction is not only highly common, it is also something that can surprisingly elude therapists for years. ADD, and many other diagnosis given to young children can turn […]

eating disorder rehab centre

Eating Disorder rehab centre

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Call Now 082-442-4779 or email What are eating disorders? Eating disorders are often described as an outward expression of internal emotional pain and confusion. Obsessive thoughts about, and the behaviour associated with, food are maladaptive means of dealing with emotional distress which cannot be expressed in any other satisfactory way. The emotional distress is […]

depression rehabilitation centres

Understanding Feelings and depression

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Feelings and depression by Dr. David Burns. Most of us would recognize classic signs of depression, with its heavy veil of sadness and hopelessness. But what if you just started getting stomach aches or were suddenly very snappy? Could you be depressed without knowing it? What about just feeling low? Feelings and depression are not as […]

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Shame in your recovery

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Shame in your recovery. Feeling ashamed of yourself has to be depressing. This is what we deal with as a core issue in most cases of addiction recovery at Pathways Plett Centre. A critical problem with several previous theories is that the origin of the depression is not clear, i.e. where exactly does the helplessness, the […]

depression rehabilitation centres

Depression and addiction

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Depression and recently addiction is often referred to as anger turned inward. Psychoanalysts have long believed that anger towards others gets turned against ourselves. But where does it all start? This article may help with understanding of the origins of depression and addiction, which often, not always, but often are born in childhood. Our anger […]

In-Patient Treatment

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Pathways in-patient rehab Pathways provides in-patient rehab treatment to all drug and alcohol abuse clients, disorders, dual diagnosis, ED, depression and we are also determined serial relapse specialists. Nothing like traditional in-patient treatment. Here you remain your own person, growing through the need and want to change your life. Accountability and responsibility remain with you. Grow your […]

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Pathways Counselling Individual and couples

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GENERAL COUNSELING Pathways Counseling Center offers all general counseling and one on one sessions, self-help resources, referrals to private care, workshops, and discussion groups to help clients gain the skills and insights they need to overcome adversity and thrive in their life and learning. Counselors offer help to clients for relationships, health, marriage, happiness, motivation, behaviors, stress, trauma, divorce […]