12 Steps of Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a Blame Game

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When addicts and co-addicts and those with emotional issues (EA) begin to feel the pain that develops over the course of the progression of their perspective illnesses, they will look for something outside of themselves to explain the problems they or others are experiencing. This inclination to blame others represents the core of every addict and co-addict’s DENIAL. We call it Addiction is a Blame Game.


Distraction in addiction

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Distraction in addiction – The messy truth. www.pathwaysplettrehab.co.za Denial is any addict’s first defense. No obstacle to recovery is greater than the infinite capacity to rationalize our compulsive behaviors. Have you ever heard the phrase, “well she asked for it!” I have been witness to people like this, with little empathy or sympathy, who are […]

the splendour of the sun

the splendor of the sun

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The splendor of the sun The Emperor Trajan said to Rabbi Joshua, “You teach that your God is everywhere. I should like to see Him.”The Rabbi replied, “God’s presence is everywhere, but He cannot be seen. No mortal eye can behold His glory.” The Emperor insisted, however, and so the Rabbi said, “Let us begin […]