Recovery beyond the five senses

Recovery beyond the five senses

We are addicted to our thinking far more than our drinking. Learn how we can shift, recover and renew our thinking to align with our deepest values and moral principles. There is a radical new addiction recovery journey that truly is Recovery beyond the five senses. When we do this we live by spiritual principles and our addictions, obsessions and unmanageable thoughts, feelings and actions start to become transformed. Our addictive personality is not who we really are. Finding our authenticity moves us from the powerless to the powerful and from the chaos to re-order.

Recovery Beyond your Primal Brain

Experiencing the world with a lizard brain, a mammalian brain, a brain that has its Primal needs, based in survival and certainty is fine. This brains nature is addiction to what it thinks it knows. It thinks it is wise, but its not great in reality. It is closed and not open. Addicted and stuck not flexible, creative and pliable. I always say there’s no wrong way to live a life and when you get it, you get it, but indeed as we grow, as more knowledge comes available, as we dive deeper into self we become more wise. We become collectively more. More conscious. We understand that of course who I am is not based in the five senses alone. It’s not based in time, space, or matter. It’s based in something more. Addiction is based on less, on the past, on what doesn’t work. Addiction is based on fear, on stress and on fallacy and falsehood rather than the truth or reality. Recovery then from all addictions is based on a spiritual solution; an internal solution based on who we really are in the image of God. Anything less is based on the insanity that step two of alcoholics anonymous tries to cure us from.

Quantum recovery is recovery beyond the five senses that allows us to access the most unlimited, powerful and profound parts of who we are beyond the addictive personality and it is available to everyone.

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy)

In addiction we are led to believe a lie. Then we are led to believe another and another until we are living in a false reality. Our personality creates that false reality and we become addicted to our own toxic, fear-based thinking, feelings, perceptions and ideas. It is all of this in itself which is ‘addiction‘, or stuckness or “fear based mindlessness” as one acquaintance called it a few days ago.

Quantum Recovery

Quantum recovery is recovery beyond the five senses that gives us an opportunity to see reality as it is without the minds distortions. For example, when I say “I am Mark”. The I am is recognizing the personality which is Mark. That’s the name, the title , the story of us getting from A to B. It is a story which has put me into this space right now, and you into the space you are in right now. A whole bunch of responses that we’ve had, responses to the effects, consequences and situations that life has given us makes up our personality which is the story of who we think we are for a time. Becoming Quantum Sensory means we wake up to the fact that that is not who we really are.

Becoming quantum sensory means that I understand I have intuition leading the way. I can set an intention, and see that intention through the Law of Attraction. I can start to see my intentions unfold because I’m in touch with the extrasensory side of who I really am as a sacred Divine being. Not as a physical body alone.

Recovery beyond the five senses


No one has to stay stuck and addicted. No one. Everyone is capable of change, however ships are built, they don’t come in. We all suffer the inevitable trauma of life in our youth. Our brains run programs to help us survive and find certainty in an uncertain world. These programs soon become outdated and turn against our own desires of personal evolution and growth. We become entrenched in our personalities that we have developed over decades. These ‘masks’ imprison us and before we know it we are using these programs to cope and survive rather than arrive or thrive. That is depressing in itself. We are all creates with unlimited potential and we al have a burning desire to fulfil that need.

When we learn how to go past our genetic, learned tendencies a new consciousness soon emerges. When we become aware and then create this change the miraculous happens and we are set free to explore a new world of unlimited potential. This is the science of finding your spiritual self and it is a marvellous and wondrous journey into new and unknown territory, mystery and bliss is available to everyone who is willing to do the work to get there.

At some point in life you need to get beyond your personality that inevitably blocks you with things like anxiety or depression through your 10X ego-insurgents. This is Recovery beyond the five senses. It is how we need to view the recovery journey today, a journey that everyone needs to take. Once you counter these blocks and replace them with the right energies the thoughts, perceptions and feelings follow. Your life radically changes for the better. You no longer need to cope with barriers to living your best life. Through the Paradigm process of Healing and Life Transformation you actually heal depression, anxiety, mood disorders and the like. 

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Recovery beyond the five senses

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