Recovery from Addiction

Recovery from addiction
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Recovery from Addiction by changing the way you do things. Nothing changes if nothing changes and Gandhi reminds us to be the change we want to see. In other words it is actually ‘you’ who need to change, not everything else!

Below are top tips for making changes in your life from any kind of depression, addiction, obsession or compulsion. If you can’t do something, quickly admit to it. Then hand it over to your Higher Power each day. There are many things in life we just can’t do, for example getting a job back when fired, losing a loved one and somehow just coping well with the grief. Often we can’t get over all of our anxiety, we can’t just be confident, invincible, or all powerful. Sometimes we can’t even keep it together emotionally. Be quick to admit these things!

Tips for living a clean life to maintain your recovery from addiction:

Never give up.

On awakening, do you think about the 24 hours ahead and consider your plans for the day? Do only one day at a time. 24 hours. Think in terms of daily bread. Tomorrow, we will tackle tomorrow.

Go to meetings, counseling sessions and support groups. Don’t stop with these interventions.

Start fresh each day. Before you begin the day, do you ask God to direct your thinking, especially asking that it be divorced from self-pity, dishonest or self-seeking motives?

Don’t become a dry drunk. Look it up on Google. It is a nasty state of affairs.

Do you refrain from making requests for yourself only, except in cases where others may be helped? Get your mind off yourself fast. People who have maintained an addiction are often extremely self involved and selfish people. This is often due to many circumstances. In the end selfishness becomes a habit and a way of life. It however, keeps people sick.

How do you handle indecision? Do you ask God for inspiration, an intuitive thought or a decision? Do you relax and take it easy, or do you struggle?

Get rid of toxic people fast. Toxic things must go too. Finally, don’t ever go near toxic places. Ask yourself, is it beautiful or ugly, before you choose to do it.

Get spiritual fast! If you can’t stand religion, don’t let it stop you from reconnecting with your spiritual self and your Higher Power. You are just not built to make it on your own, running on your own self will.

Do you pray to be shown all throughout the day what your next step is to be, and that you be given whatever you need to take care of such problems?

Do you ask for freedom from self-will? Your ego is in the end what has you stuck. The past, just like WW2, is over. Live in the day, and blame only yourself. If you have work to do on this, do it. It is essential for recovery from addiction.

Do you refrain from making requests for yourself only, except in cases where others may be helped?

Do you attend to your spiritual morning devotion, if you have one?

Keeping secrets keeps you sick! Be quick to talk about things honestly and openly and watch the miracles as they begin to unfold in your life.

Know that the Truth will set you free.

Put recovery from addiction first place. Always.

Do you pause when agitated or doubtful, and ask for the right thought or action?

Give it away. Be generous and kind. Serve other people and you will get what you need from life. Every single time. This is a paradox of your ego. Recovery from addiction remember, is a task of ego deflation as much as anything else.

Do you remind yourself that you are no longer running the show, and that when you did you sucked at it! Humbly hand over the reigns by saying to yourself many times each day, “Thy will be done”? The key to lasting recovery from addiction is getting over yourself and your ego, and letting Go(d).

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