Positive affirmations for addiction recovery

Positive affirmations for addiction recovery
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30 Minute Positive affirmations for addiction recovery

Enjoy positive affirmations for addiction recovery for freedom of Substance Dependence and Alcohol and Drug Addiction. Spoken Meditation to transcend Addiction: Help for Substance Abuse, Gambling, Alcohol, drugs, depressions and anxiety. Don’t ever underestimate Positive affirmations for addiction recovery. They work wonders when practiced regularly.

You know, there is little more powerful about the human condition, than being able to choose our attitude. Yes, we can choose what things mean to us. This means we can almost magically change the way we think about things by making a decision to do so. Behavioural psychology treating dependencies insists this is how we make real life change happen. By facing our fears in real-time, and by pushing our comfort zones throughPositive affirmations for addiction recovery, we get better. We overcome.

CBT, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can also describe this process of out with the bad, and in with the good. We have seen it work a gazillion times and heave learned to trust in the art if keeping the science simple wherever we can.

How to use positive affirmations for addiction recovery

Doing 20 minutes a day of some kind of mindfulness practice is what we recommend at our addiction and wellness treatment center in South Africa. It doesn’t matter if you choose meditation, affirmation or contemplation for that matter. Engaging in stillness with a focus on the present moment is what is key. Breathing deeply can cure migraines, stomach and spinal issues within a week. So don’t underestimate the power of even breathing. Breath means spirit in Hebrew and a handful of other languages relate to the same or similar.

To meditate means to sit. Positive affirmations for addiction recovery can be done by lying down, putting on headphones and finding a comfortable position to sit or lie down. The object is to decide on the time to be spent and then to become intentionally still and quiet. Concentrate on your breath and the sound of the affirmations. Focus on the words deeply. Some people envision each word as they hear it, placing them on a virtual projector in the minds-eye. The affirmations will start to help you to slow your thinking to a steady, healthy and healthy pace. By healthy we mean that if you are in the flow of things naturally, your synapses and neurology are positively affected. When you take affirmations in, you are virtually swapping what may be negative trains of thought, for positive, flowing and purposeful thoughts that serve you.

Positive affirmations for addiction recovery for a daily part of our practice here at our treatment center. Spiritual affirmations are one of our most powerful tools for healing our body, mind, heart, and spirit. You can use these 30 minutes of inspiring affirmations to spiritualize every aspect of your daily life. Positive affirmations for addiction recovery have the unique power to transform your inner mental and emotional landscape and positively align you with the highest aspirations of the human spirit. This is because words themselves are a tremendous creative and healing force. Words are symbols and work like tools to tune you to the qualities you aspire to. You have the power to help your body heal itself with these Positive affirmations for addiction recovery, so don’t kid yourself that simple is not powerful as all hell. Whenever you’re hurt, use these affirmations to help bring your thinking and your choices back in line with basic principles that support the alignment of the physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

10 Positive affirmations for addiction recovery from the video

  1. I choose peace rather than this.
  2. I am transforming and transformed people transform people.
  3. I stay sober as I am not sure if I have another recovery left in me.
  4. I choose honesty, peace, kindness and love wherever I go.
  5. Love is a verb, I am a verb like love.
  6. I cross the bridge of my insecurities and explore new possibilities.
  7. In everything I do I flow and don’t force.
  8. I am healed and I am a healer. I am part of the solution and not the problem.
  9. I align with all that is wonderful, choosing beauty and not what is ugly.
  10. Today I show up, grow up, give up and own up. Today I am new. Today I am free.

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Positive affirmations for addiction recovery