Outpatient addiction treatment

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What is outpatient addiction treatment?

People being treated for addictions on an outpatient basis go through rehabilitation at a centre but are able to stay in their homes or apartments provided by the facility. They are required to check in with the addiction specialists at the treatment facility, usually every day for medication and counselling at the beginning, and this tapers off as treatment progresses. Outpatients who have completed their treatment may return home and still make use of internet or Skype counselling sessions to ensure recovery comes first and that they are on track with progress in all areas of their lives, and through all the valleys and problems they encounter along the way. Outpatient addiction treatment is definitely an ongoing process that requires counseling, lifestyle changes and ongoing guidance and support. Even after overcoming substance dependency, many people make the choice to continue going to outpatient counseling in an effort to maintain their progress and reduce their risk of relapse.

outpatient addiction treatment

Benefits of Out-Patient Addiction Treatment

The main benefit of becoming part of an outpatient addiction treatment programme with us is that treatment is based on the needs of the individual. Recovery from addiction takes time, insight and support. Change is a process. Many different factors impact the individual, and although addiction, depression and other disorders are ways of packaging problems, these impacts are intricately unique to each person.


Outpatient addiction treatment is an option for people working or studying full time, and for people who have left in-patient treatment and would like to carry on their progress with Pathways and their counsellors. Out-patient treatment is set up according to individual needs and progresses to where a client lives outside of Pathways premises either locally, where they would make use of the programme services daily and weekly, all the way through to Skype counselling services for our international clients. Some skype relationships with counsellors have been ongoing at Pathways for 2 years plus, and the comfort and benefit of a therapy session hour set aside each week with someone who knows your personality as well as your disease has proved extremely helpful in the long term.

outpatient addiction treatment
Outpatient Treatment

Pathways Out-patient treatment includes:

Therapy sessions weekly

Progress meetings weekly (evaluation and progress monitoring)

Ongoing support and educational programmes

Audio, Visual assignments and exercises that are as entertaining as they are rewarding.

Continuation of step work

Visa assistance, doctor and medical support, nurse medication assistance, monetary and financial budgeting and support.

Out-patient addiction treatment services promote an increased understanding of:

The disease of addiction

The choices involved in choosing abstinence and sobriety.

The 12 Steps, 12 traditions and 12 promises.

Intimate care for self and self-value and esteem work

Spiritual purpose and meaning work.

Problem solving skills, critical thinking, decision making.

Our staff consists of a team of people on and of site who work together in focusing in on an individuals needs. Over and above addiction counselling team, we make vast use of the wealth of Plettenberg Bay’s medical and healing practitioners.


Some of the more prominent services we use include over and above our drug and alcohol abuse counseling services:



Addiction Counsellors

Career Development Managers

Board Certified Psychiatrists


Personal Trainers

Licensed acupuncturists

Spa & Beauty Therapists

Drivers Education Services.

Sports & Fitness Trainers

A Wellness Clinic

Massage centres

Yoga instructors

Drug and alcohol abuse counsellors

Plett Medi Clinic (internationally rated)

Horse trainers, Surf instructors, Mountain Climbers, NSRI, Skippers, Mountain Bikers and all the fun stuff you would expect to find at one of the worlds top 10 destinations.

Additional information for outpatient addiction treatment:   info@pathwaysplettrehab.co.za