Luxury Rehab for the Soul

Luxury Rehab Centre

We all could do with a little Luxury Rehab for the Soul, sure. However have you stopped to think that in todays world that taking some time out to heal, restore, rejuvenate and renew are essential for your emotional and mental wellbeing? At our spiritual healing and wellness centre in South Africa, set in an ocean paradise we started seeing that people with a myriad of issues from all over the world such as burnout, stress, personality and mood disorders and just downright anxiety and depression started to heal, fast, when they changed the way they had been thinking, feeling and behaving.

Luxury Rehab for the Soul is a catch phrase that we all need to realise is a daily requirement, not some kind of once off event. The saddest issue that our professional team treat in our events, and retreats and at our centres is the idea that we are doomed to cope, rather than cure what is not working for us. Who on earth ever spread that ridiculous message? Sorry, but 23 years of experience in the field of psychiatric and psychological and emotional mental health have shown us that all things are possible for all people. End of story. If you start to follow Mark’s work or the work of people like Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Wayne Dyer or even Tony Robbins today you will see them in full agreement with the idea of breaking the bounds of possibility as far as mental health is concerned. These giants in the wellness and mental health arena all discuss how people have healed from paraylisis, addictions, depression, neuron disease, MS, personality disorders and many other issues in very short periods of time. We see the same thing at our own events.

Work with Professionals that teach you a new system of living

People heal in relatively short periods of time with the right programs. The Paradigm Process program we use is one such program. The research our team has conducted for more than a decade involves thousands of hours of original research – observing normal people doing the non-normal healing. Measuring the results, and analysing the data we have found that people are capable of far, far more than they may know. The evidence demonstrates there is a clear formula for creating lasting changes in the body, heart and mind. Mark L Lockwood and his teams use these techniques along with the 10 step Paradigm Process of treatment he has created to achieve uncommon results for common people.

We don’t concern ourselves with addiction treatment at all anymore and we leave that to drug rehab centres which of course have a valuable place in our communities. With the personality and spirituality work we elect to do, it is like putting a band aid on a bullet wound to treat addiction. We treat the personality and then the spirituality. It is what we call the science of finding your spiritual self and it works a million times better.

Mark l lockwood ba(hons)(psy)

Living Luxury Rehab for the Soul

Get into a program run by professionals and never give up. You can go mainstream or completely alternative. It all depends on what suits you today. Luxury Rehab for the Soul is something that you can practice everyday, preferably for at least 20 minutes twice a day. Create a sacred space and follow the formula of healing and recovery. It doesn’t matter if you have addiction issues or mental health issues. Our problems mentally and emotionally speaking all have the same origins of trauma, separation anxiety and pain attached to them. In fact we gave up our idea’s of addiction treatment with its dismal 95% failure rate many moons ago.

We no longer treat addictions, or behavioural addictions. We find it doesn’t work well enough for our clients. So we just don’t do it anymore. Instead we treat the personality so that we can access your spirituality. No longer do we treat a wound rather than treating the emotional cause of that wound. This process is what we call the Paradigm Process of recovery which provides a total paradigm shift of body, heart, mind and soul. We heal emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually and we do it all together. That is our answer to Luxury Rehab for the Soul. Find out how to radically change your thinking, feelings and behaviours and then the world itself that surrounds you changes. In other words you working, home and even relationships environments change when you do! Get a team of specialists or professionals behind you to totally change your focus, thinking and being. Remember your very best thinking got you to where you are in your life right now! You need a new way.

Luxury Rehab for the Soul

Lastly, keep it simple. Luxury Rehab for the Soul is whatever you want and need it to be. Cold showers and warm baths. Candles, meditation, centring practices and mindful walking. Luxury Rehab for the Soul is not a destination, it is a state of mind and thats what we offer. You can call it a luxury clinic, a luxury wellness centre, a luxury getaway even – none of it matters. What matters most is that you make it all a lifestyle. Work with the best people in the world and focus on the underlying, real, deep issues in a way that suits you and you are set for major success. It is what we teach and it is how we live. Namaskaram.