Love your addiction treatment

Love your addiction treatment
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It’s very important that you get to love your addiction treatment experience. Not tough it through. Not slog on and grin and bear it. But LOVE IT. And, why not. If it is about personal transformation and bettering yourself, your entire being, then you should be elated surely?

If you’ve been in a tight spot. If you’ve been stuck, confused and if your life is unamanageable then it is probably better that things need to change sooner rather than later. Change is our addiction treatment centers business. What we do is turn peoples lives around, helping them with the intricate specifics of what has not worked in their lives so far. Today about 95 percent of people who come through to our drug rehab, whether it be for recovery or wellness, say they loved the experience with all their heart! It is so unfortunate that many, many people have had such poor experiences in the past.

Most have attended busy centers where they slipped under the radar. Most have been taught ad nauseum about addiction, the twelve steps and the hard line approach to addiction treatment. Few have them have been loved, cared for and even fewer enjoyed past experiences. We want you these souls, and you, to love your addiction treatment process. To feel the changes at each turning point and experience the deep sense of accomplishment as you progress, learn and thrive rather than merely survive.

Love your addiction treatment center

Look, everybody’s Uniquely Different. Welcome to an unparalleled program that is far beyond a Rehab Centre structure, which is far removed from a clinical setting. UNDENIABLE RESULTS Pathways, since 2012, specialize in a number of highly focused residential and non-residential treatment options for our clients. Everything is designed so that we stay connected to our clients and keep personal healing and the transformation journey first place. Comfort, service and a mature environment allow the certainty for change and healing to occur. We take away no phones, no computers, no dignity either; and the stigma. We work with you as you learn to love your addiction treatment and yourself as we navigate one of the most profound recovery programs on the planet. Our registered and Highly Experienced team await.

Love addiction Treatment

Best rehabs like Pathways offer unique treatment Options: We have learned a lot in over 20 years of intensive addiction treatment therapy, and have gone a generation ahead to bring you a far better chance of recovery than any main-stream or clinical approach to addiction treatment. To do this we have a world class private Healing Centre program, that takes clients through the ultimate experience of healing and recovery in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. The offering is a powerful combination of geography, recovery and a divine environment. Did you know that traditional Drug Rehab centres have a 5%-20% success rate in the first year (more here)! Be aware please. Far too many of our clients have been to multiple outmoded centres like that before, which can be an unnecessary expense & trauma! So, when we say modern, individualized program, etc. know how deep this variance runs. We treat all depression, anxiety, burn-out, weight issues, eating disorders, gambling, body issues, pre and post-divorce work, all addictions and dual diagnosis. Learn the art of doing a 180 degree turn around into socially balanced, healthy living and being your purpose! With us there is no “one size fits all” approach to an individual’s treatment and the path to your recovery and how to love your addiction treatment experience, lies in having an individualized treatment programme.

Our rooms are simple, private, comfortable and homely and help you to easily love your addiction treatment experience . Private rooms have a bathroom on suite. No Pressure. No Stress. Just Personal Transformation. Ocean Wild’s, and the Pathways Program, is one of the only centres in the country where you can still be yourself, finding yourself, in a comfortable and homely setting. It is a mature, non-punitive environment run by highly experienced professional people. Registered Addiction Psychology Specialists. Providing unique and advanced options and alternatives to depression clinics, drug rehab centres and other places that may not suit an individuals needs to grow, develop and heal holistically from whatever is holding them back from improving their personal lives. Residential stays at our centre through to state of the art personal development systems, that help people recover, heal, renew and grow in the long term. Boost, exceed, inspire and create your best life in the manner which suits your personal preferences best.

For more information about how to love your addiction treatment experience call us. We are always here to help and assist. Contact us on +27824424779 for further information.