Looking for a wellness experience

Looking for a wellness experience

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Unique and Professional Retreats and Wellness Experiences

The Pathways Wild Wellness experience is like no other. A relaxing and healing time for clients to really invest wisely in themselves and their future well-being. We are all aware stress depression and burnout are common place, but many people Looking for a wellness experience, don’t find something intimate, safe and private to fill their needs. But staying stick with these issues is both unwise and unnecessary. You too can benefit from a silent retreat, a weigh loss retreat or a depression retreat dealing specifically with issues like addictions, eating disorders and obsessive thinking ruts. Whatever it may be years of experience have allowed our team of registered professionals to help you move forward to where you need to be in life. 

Looking for a wellness experience

From healthy detox retreats, to spiritual retreats though to working on enlightening and aligning your mind, body and soul, there are many wellness retreat options available in South Africa. Looking for a wellness experience has never been so easy. Years of work and decades of combined therapeutic experience bring life changing experiences for you. Many people may come for a weight loss retreat and end up doing work for depression and spiritual journey work. You don’t always know quite what you may benefit from until you do some work on yourself, away from home. Away from the hustle and bustle. Looking for a wellness experience away from the distractions, and nestled on a property with Cheetah, Lion, Leopard is something beyond the norm in Wellness and addiction treatment. Being on the beach with whales and dolphins as well is something our clients never forget. Bringing it all together is the name of our wellness experience. 

Looking for a wellness experience

Welcome to the Pathways Wellness experience and healing and program. Take 3 days. Or take 60 or 90 days away to recover from depression, burnout, fatigue, addictions, and downright meaninglessness. Just make sure you don’t leave yourself without help that is widely available. In the Pathways Wellness experience and healing and program there is a often a strong emphasis on developing physical fitness and personal character as well as working on mind, and soul. 

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.”— TONY ROBBINS

Looking for a wellness experience suited to you

While staying in the luxury of our 20 home styled and intimate centre rooms at our recovery lodge in Plettenberg Bay, you don’t just do physical, mental, emotional and psychological recovery work. You grow! We develop an individual wellness treatment plan and move forward with your interests likes, and dislikes. Nothing is forced on you, all activities are suggestion based.

Our work on addictions is known around the world, since our inception in 2012. Everything is handled by registered professionals. 

Pathways Wellness experience and healing and program can worked according to your personal and professional needs. Some call it a gap year, others a weekend retreat, others a sanctuary or healing retreat. It depends on your goals and focus. Whatever you call it, is a recovery experience like no other, worlds away from a medical, clinical or institutional setting. Now is your time to grow, heal, enrich, recover and renew. The Pathways Wellness experience and healing and program healing program in Plettenberg Bay is your chance to do just that.  Addiction and depression treatment working, lasting and developing as you’ve never seen it before.

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