Life is Paradox

power of belief in recovery
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The power of belief

The mind is so powerful. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.” So often we are riddled with the belief that we can’t risk, that we can’t be vulnerable, and so we walk around with ourselves and in our relationships with all our armor on. Change almost never comes without risk. in fact one can never underestimate the power of belief in recovery.

Do we have within us the natural capacities to face and overcome our stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and even trauma? Absolutely, I’ve seen it over and over again. Even after we believe in ourselves and find success, is it possible to lose that belief and struggle again. Definitely, but it’s important to keep learning how to come back to that belief. Do we have the power of belief in recovery to change our lives and stop acting out on additive behaviour for good?

“Taking responsibility for your beliefs and judgments gives you the power to change them.” ~Byron Katie

the power of belief in recovery

Over time, our life experiences form the basis for a well-organized and relatively stable set of beliefs and expectations. These may include beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. These beliefs and expectations operate to influence our behavior. This happens without our full knowledge and awareness of them. In fact, these beliefs are powerful enough to distort how we perceive ourselves and other people.

The self-fulfilling prophesy can serve to maintain someone’s addiction. This is particularly true if they do not believe that recovery is possible. If I expect that I will fail, this expectation forms a self-fulfilling prophecy. I will not put forth any effort to recover. What’s the point? My lack of effort dooms any feeble recovery attempt I make. This further solidifies my inaccurate beliefs about the core, potent power of belief in recovery. I had false expectations. Therefore, when strong cravings arise, I won’t make any effort to cope with them. I might think to myself, “I can’t stop anyway, what’s the point?”

Steven Slate of NYC, puts his story of practical belief this way: “I took it for granted that I would always have a painful overpowering desire for heavy drug and alcohol use. I could fight it, or give in. I repeatedly gave up the fight and gave in to the desire. But then I found a new approach. After years of being taught how to fight the desire, and years of failure, I found a way to change my desire. I learned to accept my substance use habits as a simple pursuit of happiness activity (rather than as a compulsion). I learned that I was desiring it and doing it because I believed it was my best shot at feeling good. I learned that I could re-examine that belief once I acknowledged and accepted it. I know this might be scary to people who’ve been taught that such habits have nothing to do with choice, but think about it—everything you do is because you believe you’ll benefit from it in some way.”

the power of paradox

Ever wondered why some people get to have it all while some people stay in misery and suffering? Why some get the big breaks while opportunity passes others by? Have you ever considered the primordial question as to whether there is meaning in life, a purpose and a goal for everyone? Or is it perhaps all just a comforter, a brand of fairy tale.Embark on a journey into paradox, that illuminates how a universe full of apparent contradictions and inconsistencies is in fact in perfect balance. Discover that there is a profound reason for everything, a divine cause and effect relationship with everything ever created. The power of belief in recovery is no exception. You will come to realize that God has a definite purpose, and how that in turn means each of us do as well.

Perceive how God, His son and spirit and even the saints and angels are intricately and continuously involved in bringing about Gods divine purpose of sheer and utter awesomeness.

Learn that through the power of belief in recovery, a state of mind, and conviction of what you can’t see but can feel or sense has the power to change everything about who you are and what you will do.

We are all wholly and straightforwardly able to tap into the influence of paradox, that can change everything about your life experience, that has the potential to open doors you possibly once supposed were closed.

To learn more about the power of belief in recovery and how to apply it get in touch with Pathways Plett Rehab.

power of belief in recovery