General Counseling

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General Counseling Services

counseling services

Pathways Counseling Center offers General Counseling, self-help resources, referrals to private care, workshops, and discussion groups to help clients gain the skills and insights they need to overcome adversity and thrive in their life and learning. Counseling offer help to clients for relationships, health, happiness, motivation, behaviors, stress, trauma, drug addiction counseling or life decisions.

We assist students and business professionals alike with burnout, stress, depression and anxiety, life direction and of course drug and alcohol addiction  and General Counseling, disorder and relationship help.

Types of General Counseling offered

“Therapy may help with a range of problems-in-living that affect the way we think and feel. These include symptoms of anxiety, indecisiveness, guilt and shame; depression and low self-esteem; effects of abuse; flashback memories; and distress in work and relationships.”

Online general counseling is fast becoming a preferred means of help for clients both locally and internationally. The online counseling is often managed through Skype (audio only), and is backed by resources, books, assignments and videos for clients to work through systematically.

– Face to face general counselling for individuals, families and couples.

– Group therapy, in-patient ans well as out-patient care are also offered at Pathways Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center.

Marriage, relationship and divorce counseling is also offered. Don’t act until you’ve seen a counselor and discussed a objective side to any life changing decisions you are going to make.

Why General Counseling?

People typically enter General Counseling because they are hurting, frustrated, or feeling overwhelmed by a problem. Early intervention is necessary. It helps. Don’t leave it till the last minute if you can. People only often reach a decision to begin therapy because they feel that they have been struggling with, or are fighting against, or trying to ignore, some personal behavioral or emotional difficulty and have reached a point where they want this to change. When this awareness comes, that’s usually when counseling begins.

General Counseling helps you to learn to identify problems that stand in your way or stop you from getting what you want or where you want to be. Its a place where your secrets are safe and no one takes sides unless it will be for your benefit. General Counseling also makes you more aware of what is happening in reality. It allows you to see the bigger picture, which often makes all the difference between success and failure in a particular area of life. General Counseling can actually be a shortcut to success. It can also be a far less painful route in the greater scheme of things. It shouldn’t be a last resort.

For further information about General Counseling or how we can help you grow, heal, recover and develop your potential, get in touch and one of our counselors will give you a call back. +27445330330

Additional Services

In & Out-Patient Addictions counselling and self development packages for drug addiction treatment, dual diagnosis and deep seated emotional issues.

Life coaching & Self Development for companies and individuals.

Online general & drug addiction treatment counselling and self development monitoring

Personal & Spiritual Growth Workshops.

Recovery Refresher Workshops and relapse prevention.

Interventions and patient transport locally and worldwide – personalised intervention strategy.

Family and spouse addiction adjustment – for affected families

Celebrity VIP personalised drug addiction treatment programme – completely off the radar, private and exclusive care in our selected apartments.

Individualized and short term aftercare and sober living programmes devised specifically for people who are on the go and wanting a fresh start.