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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we display frequently asked questions as well as testimonials from our clients. In this Frequently Asked Questions section we also try and answer all the questions that come up most with past clients. Recovery and the processes of coming to recover at Center for Healing and Life Transformation’s Pathways addiction treatment program is a wonderful experience, well beyond comparison. Yes, it can be a frightening idea, but once clients arrive they start to move out of fear and into possibilities.

Annette My daughter had suffered addiction for so long, we almost gave up hope on finding a program that would help her. Two years and three months later, we now live with a different person, who is still growing today. Thank you and never stop your valuable work!!


Frederico I finished the 12 week online addiction course and am registering for the advanced mindfulness course next month at the center. I will do every course you have if I can. I love every single minute of everyday now, after years of suffering, and I love your inspirational videos the most. 

Do I qualify for treatment for the Pathways Addiction Treatment Program?

Yes of course. We treat all addictions, depression, anxiety and dual diagnosis. If you have a desire and willingness for recovery you are welcome to heal with us. So, to confirm, if it is addiction, depression, dual diagnosis or trauma you need to overcome (doesn’t matter what it is), you are welcome with us at Center for Healing and Life Transformation. Our therapists are super qualified in all these areas which is a unique selling point of Pathways addiction treatment center.

We’re all about recovery and healing, freedom from the chaos of addiction, depression, body and weight issues and disorder of all kinds. Our seriously experienced team of registered counsellors are on this earth to teach self development and in-depth, lasting recovery. We meet you from exactly where you are and work an individualized Pathways addiction treatment program at the center that’s shaped just for you.

Center for Healing and Life Transformation

In terms of frequently asked questions, we don’t snip your cigarettes, take away laptops or phones and make you clean floors and then listen to drug lectures all day; it is just not enough. We run a mature programme that is person centered. Not many other addiction treatment centre facilities will actually do that in practice. Here everyone is treated as unique. Therefore we feel our Pathways addiction treatment programmes should be that way as well. So, if you are willing, then you qualify! Contact us at Center for Healing and Life Transformation for further information or a booking form and let us know where you are at right now and where you need to go.

“Thank you for helping our son, he has been to nine different rehabs in 6 years (one three times) in and around Los Angeles and London. This time as you promised was decidedly different we believe because of the meaning and purpose he found in recovery while with you in South Africa” – M. French.

Ruanne – 4 months at Pathways I am plugged into the Pathways Membership portal and have had peace of mind ever since I joined. I get sent all the recovery resources I need every week and keep my recovery first place in my life, without any exceptions. I love the books the most and love the podcasts and snippets I get all the time. I think I will always have a membership to A Course In Recovery!!

Paras This has changed my life and I will be forever grateful for what it has done for me. Using the tools to connect to my Higher Consciousness and spirituality has made a difference to my health and the way I think and feel everyday. I knew years of frustration, knowing I had to change and get out of my situation but not knowing how that was going to happen. 

Tim You guys are a million miles ahead of what people can expect from any kind of healing retreat experience. I think the biggest thing for me was your person centered approach. If you changed me instead of showing me how to change me, it never would have stuck like it did. Everywhere else I went, I was treated like a sick-person with a disease. I now know that different is a good thing and I embrace my uniqueness daily….staying focused and connected.


Jewels Anything is possible. I wish I could have stayed for three months. I loved the calm and peaceful vibe of my emotional healing retreat and to feel that everyday was so very special to me. The work I did was fantastic and life-changing. I opened up like a wild flower and am still doing work on myself. I grow every day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Mikey Keep doing it differently. The Course is incredible and worked really fast for me, because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Everyone should come to you guys at some point of their lives and see what it feels like.


Frequently asked questions: What recovery programmes do you offer?

Modern advanced non 12 step alternatives are offered in our Pathways Addiction program. We love the 12 steps for addictions or emotions anonymous. But not everyone does, so we use many other highly modern systems of recovery. We offer no labels, no ridicule and no dead ends. Everyone is different and our small numbers allow each person to work on what they need to most. We bridge the gap from where you are to where you need to be. Pathways Addiction Therapies at Center for Healing and Life Transformation include:

Smart Recovery and REBT therapy

CBT Cognitive behavioural therapy

Celebrate Recovery Christian Recovery principles.

WDEP Reality therapy

Psychodynamic Addiction Therapy

The medical model of addiction therapy


Why are people choosing Pathways Addiction Treatment Program at our center?

Because we work intimately with emotions, past traumas and dual diagnosis from a psychological point of view. Not merely a 12 step view!! We’ve worked hard for our degrees and our 3 decades of combined experience in this unique field. In terms of frequently asked questions, this makes a huge difference to success rates. We know and believe lasting change comes from deep within. It is the patient who needs to change themselves, for and by themselves who then will take these changes home with them into their future daily lives. We don’t require or expect conformity, but rather individuality. So if you want to grow and enrich, you’ve found the right place.

Center for Healing and Life Transformation

“Friends for life, I will miss you and the love there all so much and will live the promises forever” – Joanne P.

Debbie W Two weeks changed my life. So I stayed for two more weeks. I always had depression, since I was a child. I was not an addict, but did self medicate which made matters worse as the wine and alcohol stopped relaxing me and started to make me more and more anxious. I was hesitant to come because I was worried it would be like a drug rehab center. Instead it was a home from home with the most incredible therapy team on the planet. You guys do things very differently and everyone should know about this!

Frequently asked questions about addiction

Am I really an alcoholic? Take the self test.

Am I really drug addict? Take the self test.

“I never learned anything new after 6 addiction treatment centres around the world, and it wasn’t working. Their is no getting away from or manipulating the Pathways addiction counsellors who are the best in the universe at getting to my real issues. That and the heart and love you guys put in helped me get through the darkest night of my soul. Two decades of addiction, and already six months clean.You guys helped me keep it simple, play from the heart and live again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Alexia”

Why is Pathways addiction treatment program different and what freedoms do you take away?

Common frequently asked questions: It is personalized? We don’t take away any of your freedoms or treat you like a child. You are a VIP client. The Pathways experience is about learning healthy living and how to live recovery in the real world. So this is an experiential experience – very different from a regular alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. At Center for Healing and Life Transformation we are about relationships and connection. We are about truth and doing the right thing. We are about choosing what’s beautiful rather than what is ugly as part of daily life.

What do I bring with me?

Attitude. Positivity. Loads of Hope. We don’t get ridiculous about what you bring with you to in-patient treatment. Nothing that is non-conducive to your recovery should accompany you. We have a gym, tennis and squash courts as well as beach, forest, mountains and more. So bring a diversity of clothes, hats, plenty of different types of shoes for activities, sunscreen and general grooming materials. Bring books, posters, a camera and headphones, drones, surfboards, bicycles, and hiking gear if you have. Bring your favorite stationary and pin boards if you like. Your space is uniquely yours. Laptops, tablets and phones are all allowed.

“I always thought no one else ever understood me, and then I learned I didn’t understand them or myself either. I was a prisoner of my own limited thinking. Now I feel free.” – Danny Z.

What sort of addictions do you cover?

All of them. Our counseling team treat addictions, obsessions, compulsions and disorders. Yet, we are rooted deeply in keeping focused on the origins of addiction, emotional traumas and all your previous life experiences. It doesn’t matter what substance you abuse, what your drug of choice is, or what you may be addicted to. Pathways teaches sobriety, wellness, and modern, holistic, clean and vibrant higher living practices. This is a modern addiction recovery program that teaches you to rediscover your best. We treat substances  like alcohol, heroin, weed, eating disorders, sex and all body and weight issues. We also treat codependency, depression, grief and trauma.

“Faith, trust and pixie dust… 3 years ED free and blessed beyond belief” – Louise P

How are things generally going to work in the addiction treatment centre program for me?

As we say your Pathways addiction treatment plan will be personalized and counsellors will be assigned accordingly from there. You’ll have several addictions counselors all working as a multi disciplinary team for you. This means you have many more private sessions and one on one time than at most drug rehab centres. We have a bus that carts our VIP clients around for coffee, gym and beach and yoga runs.

Our Pathways Addiction tretament programme at Center for Healing and Life Transformation is intensive, ultra modern and well balanced. Everyone is doing their own work. Pathways strives to be the very best, and most unique person centered recovery center in South Africa. Our aim is to change lives for the better and provide a safe and caring environment. We do our best to keep it homely and personal, and keep the love palpable. There are NO quick fixes here. It is hard work, mindfulness and progress we are most interested in. The good news is that if you are willing, you really, really, really CAN change YOUR life and have fun and quality of life doing it!

“I will miss you, but leave with the real me this time. Thank you for all your help these last few months. First time, I have experienced fun, laughter and peace….now I am these things”. 

Are there any hidden costs?

None. We know many of our clients have probably been through rehab before. Here your are taught to stand on your own two feet. To heal for life and make a long term commitment to your recovery.

“You are the best counsellor I have ever had, and I have had a few brilliant ones, but with you the love shone through. You have made me “sell my cleverness and buy bewilderment”. Pathways is ‘the stuff man’ and all the people here are the bomb…live for love & peace” – J.T, Birmingham UK.

Center for Healing and Life Transformation

What do you mean by Pathways can also be a retreat?

It means that you don’t have to be in relapse or active addiction to come to do the Pathways addiction treatment program. This means it’s an escape from your situation that is tailor made to keep you safe, connected and progressing on your journey. You don’t need a rock bottom. So we won’t throw you into big groups of young addicts for example and expect you to get something out of it.

We keep it real and that’s what makes us different. So if you suffer from depression, have had enough of being low, and want to learn to not only cope but find new meaning in your life, you’re in the right place. Also, if you have generalized anxiety, or have to overcome grief, loss or trauma and want a better life, Pathways addiction treatment program at the Center is where you probably need to be. We do emotions anonymous programs for many clients.

“I came to South Africa angry hopeless and petrified and utterly hopeless. I could stay sober at other rehabs no problem, until I went back home. There was no way in the world I though rehab or psychologists could ever really help me, they never have in the past for long enough. I thought I was finished. I was getting divorced from the woman of my dreams and was already torn from the family that I once loved. It was all gone. Finished. Then, I found the courage to stop fighting the demons and myself and surrender and accept. It hasn’t stopped changing and getting better since, thank you”. 

The questions about addiction treatment and what will I be doing at Center for Healing and Life Transformation in Plett?

You will be learning to make the most of your day, then your week….then your life. Pathways programs are about all-out recovery, personal transformation and healthy mindful and social living. You are taught how to deeply nurture mind, body, emotions and soul. You are shown how to work and enjoy the individualized treatment programme and the steps or step alternatives that work for you for the rest of your days. You will spend time in sessions, attend workshops, spend loads of time outdoors, reading, interacting with nature (or others). You will get active, breathe connect, learn to take notice and be present. All on your own terms.

“eighteen years I’ve been in hell, and over half of that time I’ve spent in rehabs, but I found my heaven with you in Plett and my love for what life really means” T.M, Cape Town.

What will be expected of me?

Just the willingness to change, grow, heal, enrich, recover and renew yourself.

What do I need to tell the awesome people at Pathways?

As much as you can. It helps us answer important questions about addiction treatment. Without clarity healing can be impeded and time wasted. Be open, honest and willing. Holding information back often ends up working against your recovery process sooner or later.

“Keep calm, and carry on….now I understand ; )” Ozzy, UK.

How far from the beach are you based?

In a car, about a minute away. The beach is only a few hundred meters away, and you can get there by walking,skating, driving, crawling or riding. It doesn’t really matter. But you will want to get there often. The beach, mountains and forests form a major part of the recovery process. We take full advantage of nurturing through nature. You can see some of the adventure outings we do here.

Why is Center for Healing and Life Transformation different to all other rehab options?

It is not a rehab. It is a non-clinical environment that is about therapy. Deep and life changing therapy for people who yearn for recovery, health, vitality and peace of mind. For balance in their lives. Although other paths may have been exhausted before, we offer a new, different and person centered approach to recovery, that offers results. Pathways teaches the Sober Living lifestyle, freedom from depression, anxiety and dual diagnosis issues and not just the 12 steps to recovery ad nauseam. Pathways is about 180 degree turn-around’s, about fitting round pegs in square holes. It is about growth and learning the art of self reliance in a sober and healthy living environment. families send their mothers and sons, their fathers and daughters here when they have already glimpsed the possibilities of recovery and now it’s time to cement the deal – ONCE AND FOR ALL. It’s about no limit, in your face, success.

Frequently asked questions about what activities there are?

This is Plett, the Monaco of Southern Africa. Whale watching, deep sea fishing, canoeing, swimming, sky diving, hiking, forest walking, horse riding, diving with seals and dolphins as well as scuba, bungee jumping, sand-boarding, boat trips in ocean and lagoon, cycling and running are some of the more common activities we do here. Check them here. Here is a PDF list of our Plettenberg Bay pics and activities.

Plettenberg Bay is a very spiritual place naturally. So when we are not working hard during therapeutic counseling and group time, chilling in nature takes precedence. We spend loads of time outdoors, when you get here you will understand why.

“One month with you guys after twenty two years of pain and addiction and I’m three years clean and riding a 115 mile race tomorrow, then doing a half marathon the next day…..I can do it, just one day at a time….you were honestly my tipping point, thank you” Paulo.

What do I do next?

Call or email us any questions about our addiction treatment centre that you can’t see covered in this frequently asked questions section. Get the rates and the programme and pack your bags! Once here we will hone in and prioritize on what needs to be done for you, and get you settled in your new environment. If you commit, you will change your life, and press forward to new opportunities that await you. If you are reading this section on frequently asked questions, your time is probably right now. email us.

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