The ultimate in primary care is offered in our package with many additional benefits. Many people need new life experiences when they feel stuck, as opposed to staying still and stuck in the old. Tapping into your inner pride, strength, commitment, and courage is what many need to transform their lives and grow. You will experience life. You will not simply learn in our programs; you will do. You will live, breathe, and apply tools and strategies until they become part of your identity.


We have life experiences for you, that you have probably been yearning for deep within for a long time, if you are reading a page like this. We have the experiences and resources for creating immediate, measurable, and lasting change in the most important areas of your life: your health, your finances, your relationships, your career, your emotions, and your time.

Our experiences are real. They are not just information in a book or recovery manual. You get to feel them, live them and breathe them for yourself. You move from information to inspiration like a hurricane. Finding the real you and starting to live the potential that always has been you is the real addiction that needs to replace any unhealthy paradoxical ones. 


We are surrounded by game reserves, oceans, beauty, beaches and magical forests. Plett is known as the gem of the garden route and the Monaco of South Africa. We nurture through nature and thrive through engaging and grounding ourselves in adventures and activities. We develop a lust for life and a passion for healthy balance that screams your future at you. 


Everything is done for you to find new experiences that bring you to your true and authentic self. The answers have probably been there all along, covered by life’s traumas, pain, mistakes and regretful actions. Buried dreams don’t have to stay buried for long. Enjoy recovery and alternative healing experiences that have been imagined so that it suits anyone looking for a new outlook on life. We give no labels to you. We put no limits on you. Mark L Lockwood and our registered therapist’s are some of the best in the country, and provide an alternative to the way people heal, recover and grow. 


Call us today and we will offer you one of our 21 tailor made experiences to help you move forward. Enjoy your own time frames, your own area of healing. Grow and learn in any area of your life. Complement your experiences with us by adding your own areas of personal development interest to your recovery experience. Whether it’s the outdoors, adventure, health and fitness or weigh-loss, we will add these to our intensive goal setting strategy  in your individualized treatment plan.


For more information on our recovery and healing programs and experiences get in touch today. CALL 082 442 4779 or email info@pathwaysplettrehab.co.za