drug rehab centre’s and medical aids

drug rehab centre's and medical aids
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Drug rehab centre’s and medical aids do help to get your treatment process started, usually with 21 day drug rehab centre admissions. Just don’t get ripped off. We will show you how this tends to happen. You’re normally allowed one of those free a year, per calendar year. But just be sure you go to the right place, and get what you pay for. There’s no follow ups in South Africa by the companies, and they don’t monitor who does any of your therapy at all! That means you could expect a psychologist or addiction psychiatrist for example, and get an ex addict that left treatment a year ago, who has decided to open a a drug rehab centre for the bucks and life purpose, and is now convinced he can help you change your ten year habit around around in three weeks. Drug rehab centre’s and medical aids, don’t talk. The one hopes the other is accountable, and about half the time this is not the case. We have made a list of the top 10 drug rehab centres in South Africa to help you on our blog, choose wisely. We also have these advantages of rehabs in South Africa to look at here.

Like anything in life, their are good life coaches and bad ones. So how do you tell the difference? The good ones have formally studied for five or ten years….then they go open that rehab. They don’t just do it over night on whim. Simply get written accountability for what you and your medical aid is paying for. Ask the questions any good customer should and reap the rewards you go into treatment for in the first place.

The fact is, there is no “one size fits all” model for drug rehabilitation programs. And while there exists no single formula for successful treatment, there are key components that only a successful program will enact. You can discover these qualities simply by asking the right questions. A reputable treatment center for drug addiction will answer you, honestly and confidentially. You can review Discovery medical aids drug rehab policy here if you want to get a better feel for what they do and don’t provide, or at least purport to provide.

Is your medical aid paying for treatment? Insist on weekly reports for accountability.

Many people today feel that their counselors have no clue how to help them in the end, and grow weary with addiction treatment. Not a great way to start a 21 day treatment process at a drug rehab centre. If you’re investing a great deal of time and money in treating an addiction, and getting clean and sober then, always ask your drug rehab centre’s and medical aids to give you a detailed, written and individually signed, weekly breakdowns of all the professional therapy you have received from trained professionals, who have the necessary qualifications. If you’re offered and are paying for a 24 hour nurse to be on staff, or registered mental health counselor who has actually attended University, make sure you get exactly what you pay for.

drug rehab centre's and medical aids

Written reports are a great way to keep people accountable and help you monitor the very best odds for the success of your paid medical aid treatment.

Remember that Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous are free, community based programs with free meetings and you can get a sponsor, who doesn’t charge you a cent to help you through difficult times. There is also Smart Recovery which is also a great addiction treatment program. Start strong, do your research on which programs will be best for you and start learning how to keep recovery first. So that our non-brainer, don’t pay if you don’t get it, philosophy about rehabs and is our number one suggestion to people who wrongly believe a medical aid will actually monitor their treatment at all. Nope, it ain’t gonna happen you have to do it. So we looked at what other Drug Rehab Centres in the states recommends we do to get the best chance of a successful recovery out of a drug rehab centre.

1.    What is the treatment philosophy of the rehabilitation center you are considering?
When researching a prospective rehabilitation facility, you want to be sure that their treatment philosophy coincides with your own personal requirements and expectations of a program. More significantly, does their approach to treatment fully embrace the specific needs of your loved one? Many of the best rehabilitation centers adhere to the classic 12-step model of recovery, while others supplement with medical or scientific methodology in approaching addiction treatment. And it stops there. That is it, and 12 steps are free worldwide, so why pay drug rehab centre’s and medical aids your hard earned money for just that. Don’t have your medical aid pay for a free sponsor you could get in the AA rooms.

2.    What is the length of this prospective program?
Every addiction is different, and ultimately, its intensity will give you the most insight in determining what duration of treatment is most appropriate for your son. While there are some individuals who can improve by attending meetings and counseling sessions on their own, most of those facing addiction require more extensive support. Drug addiction leaves a lasting impression on the brain, and it takes significant time to rebuild all that was damaged when a person was using. As a result, professionals believe that recovery can only truly be reached with a minimum of ninety days of consistent treatment. But 12 months is a new norm.

3.    What is the staff to resident ratio? 
You want to be sure your son or princess is getting the attention he or she deserves, because his addiction is uniquely his own. Ask each prospective treatment facility how many staff will be a part of his progress, and how each of them will serve in helping him reach his true turning point. Get each professionals credentials then common sense check them throughout the recovery period. Get your weekly report with psychologists names and hours on it. Period!

4.    Is the rehabilitation center in a safe environment? 
Wherever you choose the drug rehab centre’s and medical aids treatment is in progress, be sure that the facility is located in a safe and secure environment, free of any outside influences that may lead to relapse. At the same time, it is important that the surroundings of the treatment reflect in them a positive outlook, and pose a comfortable place in which a person can thrive. A setting built for success will bring about the best in an individual. Rather than isolating a patient in a hospitalized, confined environment, an efficient treatment program will provide, under watchful care, space for each resident to flourish. 

6.    Will my son or daughter be able to continue his education? 
Addiction treatment should never have to interfere or interrupt a person’s education. Can they work, make phone calls, have private time??? Ask any potential treatment centers how they support ongoing education, and what specific opportunities will be offered to your son as a resident.

7.    Will he interact with others? Participate in sober activities?
While recovering from addiction, one can feel scared, alone, and vulnerable when partaking in activities without their old “blanket” of drugs or alcohol. What was once their solution to an uncomfortable situation is now unobtainable, and it can be difficult to replace their old habits with healthy alternatives. Get it on paper people. Owners and ex-addicts turned garden psychologists for their own drug rehab centres often like to take mega short cuts and keep that medical aid cash in their back pockets!

For more information on drug rehab centre’s and medical aids and how to get a good experience for your loved one call us on +27824424779. We’ll help guide you to a good drug rehab centre’s and medical aids program that wont waste your time or money or help you with our Pathways Addiction Treatment Programs.