Drug rehab centers in western cape

Drug rehab centers in western cape
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Drug rehab centers in western capeFor more information on drug rehab centers in western cape get in touch with Pathways on +27824424779 or email

There are a handful of amazing drug rehab centers in the western cape. One has to really know what they want out of a drug rehab experience these days in order for it to be successful. No longer does one rely on the run of the mill recovery center and hope for the best. We need to research our needs thoroughly and look for key factors that will serve our own personalized purposes. Figures released again this year positively show that a drug rehab centers success rate is between as little as 5 and 20 percent, within the first year of recovery work. Yes, those figures are based on the first twelve months! What we know from this, among many other things, is that quick fix addiction treatment doesn’t work. 

Top 10 things about drug rehab centers in western cape

  1. You don’t need to wait for a rock bottom to check into a drug rehab program. As soon as your life starts to feel unmanageable, get the help. Waiting never works. Addiction is a progressive disease. 
  2. Changing your location is a good thing. You don’t need to search for rehab centres near me, like most people do and stay geographically close to the problem. Changing people, places and things can work wonders.
  3. Ask how many sessions you will get each week by registered professional counselors and psychologists. A registered center means far less in South Africa than working with registered professionals. So don’t assume, rather ask. Make sure therapy is coming from people who have studied for ten years, and passed!
  4. Be prepared to change everything. Half measures will do you no good. Go all out for change.
  5. Get radically honest fast. People tend to teeter on the verge of truth at first. Be honest, open and willing and you will make rapid gains in treatment.
  6. Be prepared to read and write a lot. Learning requires these two things. Most programs have a lot for you to read and write about on a daily basis.
  7. Although there is a 5-20% success rate on average, your chances with drug rehab centers in western cape are significantly better than making gains anywhere else. No where else can you learn more about addiction, the brain disease and the emotional aspects that underlie addiction than anywhere else. 
  8. Drug rehab centers in western cape normally have incredible outings and adventure programs that make downtime, which is greatly needed to balance your recovery program, an epic adventure. The Western Cape is littered in white sandy beaches, game reserves, forests and wilderness experiences. Most of which you will never forget. 
  9. Drug rehab centers in western cape generally offer a lot of privacy. If it’s anonymity you want, look no further. When at any drug rehab you will attend public places like shopping centers or shops, meetings and attend adventure outings. Being in a home away from home, and maintaining privacy is really important to many people. So consider this aspect for yourself. 
  10. Find a center that has a good team of people available to you. Psychiatrists and psychologists are by no means a given at drug rehab centers in western cape, or anywhere else. Many centres are run by ex-addicts alone. Ask a lot of questions. Confirm what your weekly schedules will be, ask for a treatment plan and understand the levels of privacy you will have. Do they take away your phones and computers? Why, and for how long? How many people will I be sharing a room and bathroom with? How long will my stay there be? What are the extra costs, if any? Most drug rehab centers in western cape are notorious for good service and have long standing track records, but one needs to be very wary. There are still a lot of punitively run centers, by raving lunatics out there. Looking for qualified professionals should be the foundation of any search for great drug rehab centers in western cape, or anywhere else. 

About our drug rehab centers in western cape

We provide a non-clinical environment with the top, registered addiction recovery experts in the field. No loss of privacy. No big crowds. Just transformational addiction recovery at the highest international level. The Pathways team’s super-modern recovery program is designed to take your recovery, safely to a new level.

If you or your loved one have tried drug rehab centres before with no success, maybe it is time to start our world class Course In Recovery. Well known around the world after 10 years of development, and unprecedented results we have created a one of a kind healing space. The environment is profoundly personal. 

  • No Pressure. No Stress. Just profound personal transformation.
  • Pathways is one of the only centres in the country where you can still be yourself, finding yourself, in a comfortable and homely setting.
  • Welcome to the next level of your transformation.

Our recovery methodology is modern and different, and it has to be, to give people lasting transformation at the highest level…if you want to heal and recover from addictions, from anything that’s had you emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually stuck, then you need to start A Course In Recovery with us today at our center in Plettenberg Bay South Africa, just 45 minutes from Cape Town. 

  • Improve my mental mindset and my emotional well-being.
  • Maximize my health and recovery
  • Advance my career goals and objectives
  • Heal from depression, anxiety and addictions
  • Increase my productivity
  • Enhance my life direction
  • Find my life purpose, meaning, mindfulness

Our program is well known as having a significant, long term impact on many people from across the globe. Since our inception, data shows Pathways Western Cape offers superior, professional and passionate addiction recovery that works! 


For more information on drug rehab centers in western cape get in touch with Pathways on +27824424779 or email