Drug and Alcohol testing services

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Drug and Alcohol testing services from home, university or business

Work, home, university and organizational alcohol and drug programs can make use of our professional Drug and Alcohol testing services from home or work more easily and accurately than ever before. Testing is done, and then recorded professionally online or mass testing at larger corporations monitored online or in-person. Pathways Addiction Treatment Services have been operating since 2012 and have consultant doctors, psychiatrists, addiction treatment specialists, social workers, etc. on our team to ensure a broad range of professional services are delivered to our clients.

Clients can ensure accountability where it is needed and this opens up the opportunity of doing substance abuse treatment programs from home. Set up of protocols, policies and alcohol and drug policies for corporate companies, large and small, worldwide.

Breathalyser, testing protocol and procedures done hand in hand with our addiction treatment professionals. Online supervision and record keeping of incidents is placed on file and record stamped in our record data base.

Drug and Alcohol testing services

Testing for families, parents and spouses through to corporate services. Cost effective, quick, easy and accurate services online.

Drug and alcohol awareness and prevention annually.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Burnout prevention annually.

Home addiction treatment and recovery online. Professional. Accountable.

Staff links to resources, counselling and help annually.

Courses online for prevention, treatment and addiction recovery by addiction psychology specialists. Personalized to your institution.

Pregnancy, trauma, divorce, grief support etc. counselling and help annually.

Home and business drug testing services help with personal accountability and responsibility whilst not negatively affecting personal relationships.

We test with you online so that novices can do qualitative testing under supervision. This allows people the chance to try and complete a recovery program while still at home, university or while working. Home drug and alcohol testing brings a sense of accountability and personal responsibility to the fore for the client as well as the family, carers or organization concerned.

Accuracy is key. We record the process professionally, we provide two different types of tests for 100%accuracy and to ensure no discrepancies and a number of other measures to help our clients, their families, companies and carers.

Is drug testing allowed in companies in South Africa?

The short answer is yes. Firstly, there has to be mention of it in the employment contract, or a separate Substance Abuse Policy needs to be set up and circulated to staff. There are also two laws that are on the side of the employer, Act 140 of 1992 (Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act) and OHSA (Occupational Health and safety Act).

The problem here is not whether you can be tested or not, the problem is how and why it is done. This is where our drug testing at work and home becomes important.

Additional Services

When drug testing at work and home works this means people can do a drug, alcohol or even gambling recovery program from home.

Weekly weigh in and accountability for eating disorder treatment from home and work.

Drug and Alcohol testing services

Counselling and addiction therapy online from male and female registered counsellors. Medical Aid and private services.

Formulation and updating if substance abuse policies

We mediate and make fair for all policies for companies that have a very specific Substance Abuse Policy in place. We assist with CCMA drug and alcohol cases, and other attorney and legal or lawful matters related to substance abuse, gambling and other related disorders. Unfair dismissal and testing, the manor in which testing is done, singling out employees etc. need to be managed professionally with our services. If your company does not have a substance abuse policy, it is time to get one in place.  

For more information about our Drug and Alcohol testing services, our recovery from home or work programs, or our virtual rehabilitation services, get in touch today on +27824424779 or email info@pathwaysplettrehab.co.za

Drug and Alcohol testing services