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Pathways provides an advanced, evidence-based approach to drug addiction treatment that is customized for each individual. Each client is carefully assessed to discover their psychological needs as well as their drug and/or alcohol use history. Once you contact us and the evaluation is complete, the clinical team creates a unique treatment plan that will properly address their unique set of problems.

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Call us for a quotation. Let us know what problems you or your loved ones are facing and we will assist wherever we can. Addiction is everybody’s business!

Individualized Drug Addiction Treatment

Pathways Centre, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route, South Africa, 6600.

Flights directly into Plettenberg Bay are available through Cemair, or George Airport, where clients will be collected.

Need rates, more info, a quotation or want to book in? Contact us confidentially and give us a call or send us an email. Then simply get packing and start your journey with us. No matter what you are facing we have the space, the time and the facilities to help give you the support and care you need to live your best life now.


Admitting a problem and asking for help is often the hardest part of making a new start. At Pathways, we understand exactly what you are going through and we know how to help. You are welcome to contact us by email or telephone to speak with a counsellor or specialist who can help you find out how to begin your recovery process.

All calls and emails are confidential. Once we receive an inquiry we will gather some background information to help us determine the appropriate treatment services necessary for you to begin your recovery.

Remember,help is just a phone call away.


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Pathways stages of change in drug addiction treatment.


We offer a broad selection of evidenced based and innovative, modern clinical approaches in order to ensure that all clients receive the most progressive form of therapy designed to suit their particular needs. Programmes are personally tailored to provide the addicted person with various avenues to ease the discomfort of withdrawal, avoid relapse, and re-establish a lasting connection with themselves, with others, and with a higher power.


Primary in-patient treatment programmes include group work, lectures, therapy sessions, progress sessions and general therapeutic activities. Pathways offer the very latest methods of 12 step and psychological recovery at our addiction treatment centre. With decades of combined and up to date professional experience, we have gained significant success results, that are fast becoming a well know trend in the world of recovery. A wealth of local professional practitioners complete our client offering, ensuring world class standards of healthcare are maintained. Our modern, yet classical programme approach to getting our clients ‘better than well’ rests on an existential, warm and person-centred approach to therapy.

So what now?

Drug addiction treatment at a small and intimate facility such as Pathways is not as scary as you may think. In fact most people who arrive at our doors are thankful to be there within the first few hours of arriving! It is a liberating feeling knowing you are finally doing all you can to develop your life. To move forward with your dreams, plans and life purpose. Oftentimes there is nothing more freeing, or powerful, than making a firm decision to do whatever it takes to make changes in your life. In life, we need other people. We need others to understand us, help us and move us forward. No one is an island.

Call Now 082-442-4779 or email

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