changes through addiction

Changing through addiction

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Making changes through addiction Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. — George Bernard Shaw Change is inevitable. Making changes through addiction is also just as inevitable. Staying addicted is not an option. It always ends in death, or a stay in an institution or a hospital. Make […]

addiction recovery rules

25 Addiction Recovery Rules of the Big Book

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Call Now 082-442-4779 or email Simple Addiction Recovery Rules First off, if you want free copies of The Big Book of AA to either download or read online, you will find them below. The Big Book is well worth a read for anyone wanting to grown, heal and learn. It is NOT just for alcoholics! […]

willingness in recovery

Developing willingness in recovery

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Treating Addiction as a quest for wholeness Call Now 082-442-4779 or email Willingness in recovery from Drug Addiction Openness and willingness in recovery, along with Honesty are said to be prerequisites or foundations of 12 Step recovery. And of course we need to develop a relationship to a Higher Power of our own understanding. […]

treating addiction

Treating Addiction

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Treating Addiction as a quest for wholeness Call Now 082-442-4779 or email Why are some behaviours potentially addictive?  This question deserves some explanation.  Remember what most chemically dependent people like to do most, which is “to feel good all the time”. It is their hope and wish that their drug use allows them to […]

recovery motivation

August Recovery Motivation

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Food for thought recovery motivation The idea that people just give up their addiction, and automatically live happily ever after, is a myth. Normally they have tried everything to motivate them to live a normal, successful life emotionally and socially. Normally this motivation is not enough. This is because there will have been a reason […]

The price of enabling your child


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WHEN HELPING BECOMES HARMFUL         “Enabling an addict can be a difficult habit to break. For the addict to realize the consequences of their behavior, their loved ones must stop enabling drug abuse. Thus, addiction is a family disease. This is sometimes the only way an addict will ever truly recover” What is enabling? You […]

Cape Drug addiction rehab centre

Addiction treatment services

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Addiction treatment services we offer We offer a broad selection of evidenced based and innovative addiction treatment services. Emphasized with modern clinical approaches in order to ensure that all clients receive the most progressive form of therapy designed to suit their particular needs. Addiction treatment services are personally tailored to provide the addicted person with […]

aa miracle


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GETTING TO KNOW YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF You have a spiritual self. You would benefit greatly from getting to know your spiritual self. If we reason critically we will find many facets of ourselves that we never know existed, components within ourselves that we haven’t ever explored. Carl Jug called the 12 steps of Alcoholics anonymous […]

eating disorder rehab centre

Eating Disorder rehab centre

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Call Now 082-442-4779 or email What are eating disorders? Eating disorders are often described as an outward expression of internal emotional pain and confusion. Obsessive thoughts about, and the behaviour associated with, food are maladaptive means of dealing with emotional distress which cannot be expressed in any other satisfactory way. The emotional distress is […]

addiction and acceptance

Learning acceptance in addiction

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Acceptance: accepting self and others If you’ve just begun your journey, your recovery is a brand new beginning for you. Your time at Pathways, or in your own recovery, is now your time for you. For building a new you. One that is fear from obsession and addiction. Acceptance in addiction and life for that […]