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Drug Rehab South Africa

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Why Drug Rehab South Africa Call Now 082-442-4779 or email Pathways Drug Rehab South Africa is situated in the Cape Province on the garden route of South Africa. Clients are collected from George Airport or from Plettenberg Bay Airport and brought to the centre. South Africa is often ideal geographically to break away from the intense clinical setting […]

Meditation and mindfulness in addiction recovery

Meditation and addiction

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MINDFULNESS, MEDITATION AND ADDICTION        For more information on meditation and addiction call Pathways Plett Rehab Centre 0824424779, or email Ahead of our next silent retreat, we look at more about what Meditation and addiction is as a subject, and what meditation and addiction both actually represent. Meditation, or “sitting,” needn’t be complex […]

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Addiction leads you to insanity

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How is it that people who suffer from addiction, just won’t stop. They won’t listen to reason. They simply refuse to be restored to sanity in addiction. They get beaten up in the boxing ring day after day in life. The insanity is that they go back for more each and every morning! Many people with […]

The rewards of addiction recovery


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12 OF THE REWARDS OF ADDICTION RECOVERY When first entering recovery, many of us find ourselves with a few doubts and reservations. We fear that it might become harder to make friends once we can no longer go to a bar and buy a few rounds. Perhaps we fear that we may lose the friends […]

Addiction recovery just for today

Addiction recovery just for today

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Learning to live Just for Today Addiction recovery just for today means living one Day At a Time. One of the best ways to stop worrying and start living is to take things one day at a time. Forget what has happened in the past that you cannot change and don’t worry about what might […]

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Gambling as an addiction

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Looking at gambling as an addiction Let us pretend for a moment that you are the commander in a nuclear missile silo. You are in charge of a bomb. If you think about it, this is exactly the kind of control that you want over your life. You want to be in control of your […]

Finding help for self harm and cutting

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Understanding self harm and cutting While self-harm is not an emotional or psychiatric illness in itself, it usually suggests that one is present. Finding Help for self harm and cutting requires working a programme that addresses both the disease of addiction and the problem of self-injurious behaviour. Self-harm can also include less obvious ways of […]

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Finding rehab centres in Cape Town

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How to find the right rehab centre treatment Call Now 082-442-4779 or email Not every rehab center is the same. Additionally, there are many different ways to help someone with a history of substance abuse. In other words there are many ways to skin a cat and finding rehab centres in Cape Town is not as simple […]

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Anxiety and addiction

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Call Now 082-442-4779 or email Challenging Anxious Thoughts One of the biggest issues we see in our drug rehab centres that is coupled with anxiety in addiction. Anxiety in addiction is not only highly common, it is also something that can surprisingly elude therapists for years. ADD, and many other diagnosis given to young children can turn […]

addiction to prescription medication

Addiction to prescription medication

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Living on prescription pills The following story about addiction to prescription medication comes from the Narcotics Anonymous Blue book. This is one woman’s story about addiction to prescription medication is not unique. It happens all the time, and in fact more and more regularly. Living on a farm as a child I felt inferior and […]