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Travel towards the light in recovery

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Light in recovery Shying into the darkness will get you using. Light in recovery is the road towards lasting sobriety that so many never quite find. The meaning of your life is to travel towards the light, towards a consciousness of love, towards truth. In Corinthians thirteen, in the amplified bible, we see that real […]

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30 Second visualization

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Off the cuff, why not try a quick 30 Second visualization. Take a quick minute and close your eyes. Picture yourself. You. Picture yourself sitting down or standing up, whatever you choose to see. Chances are you’re facing the wrong way. You’ll probably find you are looking away from yourself. Choosing a new path means to […]

Perspective in recovery

A Lesson in Perspective

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Perspective in recovery Changing the way we look at ‘problems’, or finding perspective in recovery, is often the first step towards making positive changes in our lives. Perspective in recovery can be everything; don’t underestimate its value for a minute. Awareness of what is real, is far more potent than working on areas of ourselves […]

In-Patient Treatment

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Pathways in-patient rehab Pathways provides in-patient rehab treatment to all drug and alcohol abuse clients, disorders, dual diagnosis, ED, depression and we are also determined serial relapse specialists. Nothing like traditional in-patient treatment. Here you remain your own person, growing through the need and want to change your life. Accountability and responsibility remain with you. Grow your […]

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Who needs Pathways most?

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Who can benefit from our services? Anyone with a drug addiction, depression, emotional problems or dual diagnosis problem can benefit from our in-patient drug recovery programmes. Alternatively people who like their own space, will fit in at Pathways drug addiction treatment centre. Also, people who know they have a problem but are able to maintain […]

Live Brave

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Live Brave in recovery Healing from an addiction is some of the bravest stuff I have ever seen people do. There is no doubt that entering addiction recovery is a courageous move. Change is never easy – even when it means that people are leaving a miserable situation for a much better one. To embrace change […]

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Time Lapse over the Skies

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Beauty in recovery   Buddhist Pema Chodron  spoke on the misfortune of missing beauty and said, “I were sitting at the rim of the Grand Canyon with a bag over my head.” It doesn’t matter how much goodness we have in our life is we’re not taking it in. Many of us are so focused […]