Alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab centres

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What are some alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab centres you might wonder? While certain types of addictions may arguably fare better with formal treatment, for less-severe addictions, you might explore a growing number of different options. Rehab success rates are largely unknown but probably only range from a success rate of five to twenty five percent as a norm. If a person has tried AA for example and it hasn’t worked for them, being in a less contained environment perhaps other alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab should be sought. Take a course. Go to Thailand or the Himalayas! anything rather than staying stuck and addicted. But if that fails, keep going. Do more. Go to a psychiatrist for a detox. Get into a halfway house and be around others going through what you are. Do whatever it takes.

Addictions, depression and mental illness of all kinds are treatable, perhaps today more so than ever before. But you need to know that there are many ways to skin a cat, and many alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab centres. There are many modalities of treatment. Many different therapeutic models that people follow. There are a multiple number of 12 step and non-12 step programs that work for some, and not others. In a time where success rates are so low, in early months, more alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab are being tried now than ever before. We need more ways to combat addictions. We need to do it sooner in a more preventative manner, rather than waiting for rock bottoms as a catalyst for change.

Best alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab centres

In South Africa a large number of ‘registered’ psychiatric rehab centres are run by unregistered recovery folk with no formal experience or qualifications in psychiatry or psychotherapy.  Often drug rehab centres are owned and run by people with long, dubious pasts and no formal educations. Clients complain of being lost in factory styled settings where they get lost amongst dozens of addicts and get treated like a number that needs to be processed. This doesn’t work for everyone. Alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab have been born out of necessity in many ways. Alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab include:

12 step addiction treatment

  • 12-step groups or other therapeutic groups that are known to offer community treatment.
  • Using the support of doctors, family and friends at home.
  • Other alternative options include regular exercise, online addiction counselling courses and a very healthy diet, as well as exploring the use of certain medications or even alternative drugs (the efficacy of which remains to be determined).
  • Using a good psychologist, life coach or counsellor.
  • Starting your own group or groups. Looking at things like depression and anxiety groups as well as other like minded groups of people who are also looking for self development.
  • Religious help from churches, spiritual retreats and wellness centres.
  • Psychedelic Drug Programs
  • A smorgasbord of the above, mashed into a concoction that works for you.
  • Going and buying a copy of Narcotics Anonymous, and or other good reads like Russel Brands recovery books and getting a rock-solid plans and objectives program that keeps you on track with delaying gratification and achieving your higher goals. The list of tools people have used with positive results is endless.

Regardless of which alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab options you choose, it is always wise to consult with your doc to ensure you are safe and healthy throughout your recovery process. A major starting point is finding connection and sharing your thoughts, feelings and fears. Remember as the Big Book of AA says that “your best thinking got you here”. Trying to change things with the same mindset that created your circumstances in the first place can be close to impossible. Know there are extremely good drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs available all over the country, but some people choose to stop using drugs on their own.

If you are considering quitting on your own as one of the alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab, it is worthwhile to look at all of the options available to you before you make a decision.  Keep in mind that although rehab is usually the best course for long-term successful recovery, each person is different and some people can stop using drugs without attending rehab.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other 12-step programs often come to mind first when considering alcohol addiction treatment. The benefits of AA include mentoring from others in recovery and participating in group therapy, which can help you make positive changes in your life. The 12-step method isn’t for everyone. Groups like AA are maintained by people who themselves are in recovery not treatment professionals. By design, self-help programs are not facilitated by a trained counselor or therapist. If this is something you are looking for, a traditional addiction rehab may be your best choice.

Alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab include:

Each group offers a unique experience that involves empowerment, support, and a sense of community. You can browse through the websites of these different groups to learn more about their mission and approach to recovery before attending.

People trying to overcome addiction have a variety of experiences in treatment. They may receive outpatient, intensive outpatient, or residential treatment. They may access services in luxurious surroundings, community clinics, churches, community halls and hospitals or prisons. They may encounter cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, or family therapy. SMART Recovery, SOS (Secular Organizations for Sobriety/Save Our Selves), Women for Sobriety, and Moderation Management. Many new Smart Drinking Programs are also having huge success in 2018 thus far.

Waking up, becoming conscious. Moving out of old habits. Getting fit and healthy in mind, body and soul…yes, these all can work, dependent on the individual.

For more information on alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab get in touch with us. We help with almost ALL the alternatives to drug and alcohol rehab out there.

Whatever you do, don’t stay stuck in addictions. There is plenty of help of there in 2020. Our center for healing and life transformation is only one example of a place where you can try a different approach to healing. “So don’t hide from yourself, says Mark L Lockwood…You will hide both the good and the bad without even knowing you are doing it….you are on a journey to find reality, and thus an authentic self that will experience reality. You need more than your intellect, you need a body, mind, soul, emotions and your sacred, spiritual self as well”.