Adventure Outings

Outings are extremely important to break away from the intense clinical setting of a drug addiction and rehabilitation facility. The psychological and emotional work that is done is balanced by physiological and spiritual work that is key to the positive outcomes our clients experience in their recoveries.

Oftentimes, pulling the blinders off our eyes, and seeing the bigger picture of what life is about can be tremendously rewarding and healing.

Getting out and about forms an important part of the addictions recovery process. Inpatient Addiction Recovery Outings are pivotal to our programme. All work and no play, don’t create the balance perspectives we are looking for. We find that we get to know ourselves best at times on the edge of our comfort zones. Motion inspires emotion after all!

Recreational outings in Plettenberg Bay are a no brainer. We are plumb on never ending Indian Ocean beaches, we are surrounded by nature and game reserves as well as mountains and the world famous Knysna forests. “You can do something different every day. We are entirely spoilt for choice, and wilderness therapy is fast becoming recognised as a discipline in itself, that breeds positive therapeutic results internationally.”

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