Addiction treatment program for the personality

Addiction treatment program for the personality

Learn more about our Addiction treatment program for the personality which offers 10 crucial steps targeting your personality for recovery. To create a Paradigm Shift from the old addicted self to a new recovered self requires us to become conscious of all our unconscious thoughts, perceptions, feelings, automatic actions, traits, routines, and emotional reactions that we’ve been conditioned into over the years through creating our own unique personality through the the architecture of your brains conditioning. If the old personality is addicted, you will have to change everything and create a new one. To become conscious of any of these subconscious programs is the first initiation to change.

If the old personality is addicted, you will have to change everything and create a new one.

Mark L Lockwood – founder paradigm addiction treatment process

It is the analytical mind that is addicted. Not you. Addiction is a brain dis-ease and it is a disease of stuckness, familiarity and conditioned responses that we use addictively that no longer serve us. In fact they do the opposite and keep getting us the same frustrating results over and over again. Research suggests that up to 90% or more of our daily activities are all based on habit and addictive cycles. Then, if we have behavioural addictions and problems with expressing our emotions and being our true selves this can all add fuel to the fire of personality which is like melting the persona, meaning mask, onto your face almost permanently. Our codependence and victim positions as well as all our complaining, worrying, judging, blaming can become who we think and feel we are. So when it comes time to change and this person or mask is who we think we have become we need to get ready for a hangover. Change and transformation start with feeling uncomfortable.

Our habits become our addictions in many ways, although there is a lot of argument around these things. Nevertheless we know that nerve cells that wire together fire together and it becomes easier to repeat behaviors so often that they literally become who we think, feel and act we are.

The good news when it comes to losing our addictive personality and creating a new one is that the brain is highly open to neuroplasticity and change. The bad news is that people with addictive personalities tend to have very little neuroplasticity at all when they start a healing and recovery journey. When they become aware of how stuck or addicted the brain is then we have become the first step of change which is letting go of a false sense of control. We will start to see that we are addicted to the problems and conditions of our lives that produce stress, anger and stuckness. No matter whether we’re in a bad relationship or have a career we don’t even like, we hold onto our problems so tightly because we falsely believe with the addicted brain that we are the problem because they help reinforce who we think and feel we are. To change this we need to show up, own up and grow up. We need to realise that we are not our conditions, thoughts, feelings and emotions. We need to realise we are running a subconscious program that keeps us addicted to thinking a certain way.

Finally an Addiction treatment program for the personality

Paradigm Process of Healing your Personality teaches you how to become aware of the masks of persona who have adopted since childhood and how to replace them with healthy aspects of your highest, most sacred self. All is well with my soul, which I can only access once I realise it has a hard outer shell surrounding it called a mask of personality.

When the personality is no longer serving you but hindering you then you need a new program. When a computer program becomes redundant we need to get rid of it and replace it with a new one. It is the same with the programs we run in our bodies hearts and minds. Because the world is changing so quickly we need to keep up. There is no room left to operate from money mind without inevitably falling from the tree. If we fall behind we fall into survival or victim modes that naturally keep us suppressed and distressed. At some point we know we need to run a new program however it is easier said than done in understanding where to find that program and how to install it. The 10 step program to heal your life is that program – the Paradigm Process.

The Paradigm Process Addiction treatment program for the personality offers people 10 Pathways out of addictions and back to sacred self that are workable, profound and easy to follow. Your sacred self is where your true values, emotions, desires and objectives reside. It is that part of you that is wanting more from life. It is that part of you that wants to actualise your full potential and grow personally and then heal the world. There are certain things that we learned in childhood that became our ego defence mechanisms. We developed what we call ego insurgents to protect us from a harsh and ever-changing world. We developed a controller insurgent. We also developed a judge a victim and a perfectionist insurgent. In fact we developed 10 ego insurgents that kept us safe from the world by creating a personality that became a personal reality for us all. 

To learn more about our Addiction treatment program for the personality, our events, luxury rehab retreats, residential rehab and treatment packages online and in person get in touch. The most modern way out of addiction has arrived and is based in the science of psychiatry, dipped in the principles of personality development and disorders and moves us on a journey towards the authentic, recovered self that no longer needs to be shrouded in its addictive masks.

When it comes to rehab alternatives or Alternative Treatment for Drug Addiction in any form the mainstream get 12 step panicky; which is not necessary. What we need are more powerful tools that apply more deeply to a new generation of people who are looking for faster results that suit their mindsets. We don’t have to through out the old to add the new. That would be foolish. Anything that helps people get better results in their addiction recovery process is a good thing – and it looks like we’ve found that, tested that and tried that and the results far outweigh anything we expected to find. Addicted people are doing extraordinary in recovery today. They are more determined and focused than ever to get to where they want to go and that helps a lot. Most people we deal with are tired of rock bottoms, dead ends and losing battles!

Through meditation practice that we teach at our luxury rehab centre retreats, through contemplation practice, through developing a new understanding of how you body-heart-mind works, through changing thoughts, belief, energetics and focus you can begin to have a full paradigm shift. Tackling each mask and removing it layer by layer and then replacing those masks with the highest energies, concepts, attitudes, traits and beliefs is the way through the 10 Pathways. Our message is don’t stay stuck and don’t wait. The work is waiting for us all. All we need to do is show up for ourselves.