Addiction aftercare program

Addiction aftercare program

We provide a mega addiction aftercare program that helps you develop healthy living habits holistically, the way you want to. Our addiction aftercare program online and at our center develops fitness, emotional and social well being in a mature and homely environment. We do not institutionalise or label people, which can be dangerous, instead we teach them how to live maturely, and with their and other peoples futures and well beings in mind. Sober and clean living no matter your background. We offer:

  • Aftercare living options
  • online therapy and support and groups weekly
  • 6 week courses in developing a new life from home
  • Books, courses, course-work, sessions and more around the world
  • Sports and fitness, gym and structured living aftercare options

68% improved recovery rates with aftercare

Learn the art of balanced sober living, of doing a 180 degree turn around into socially balanced, healthy living and being your purpose! Pathways provide a professional, addiction aftercare program for a wide range of addictive behaviours. Develop a passion for life and adventure, for doing, for creating and just for being. Life is good after recovery and we become better than well! Did you know an aftercare programme post a primary treatment provides approximately 68% better chance of lasting, life changing recovery?

addiction aftercare program

Take your recovery to the next level by getting to the core issues of your addictive behaviours and their consequences. Discover how to Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep learning and Give.

Pathways provide a stand alone, world class addiction aftercare program from substance, alcohol, depression, anxiety, dual diagnosis and food addiction is an on-going process and that is why after care is so important to bridge the gap between abstinence and life long recovery. Pathways addiction aftercare program is this bridge, and has been for many people and their families from around the world. At Pathways we emphasize optimal living and get into the emotional aspects of the issues at their core, focus on the collective development of our clients, and a modern yet classical philosophy that brings out the very best capabilities in our clients. With us you can learn to live unforced recovery in ecstatic motion.

In the addiction aftercare program there is a strong emphasis on developing physical fitness and personal character first. The development of strong character traits – courage, perseverance, patience, tolerance, integrity, sense of humour etc. This is achieved through counselling coaching but also through facing and overcoming a variety of challenges, both individually and as part of a team. Throughout the range of activities we use every opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork abilities involving practical experience in true to life situations.

For more information on our addiction aftercare program please send us an email or call 0824424779. We are highly flexible and adaptable and help you where you are at.

Stay in recovery online, do the courses, live in if you like, but just stay connected. 

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