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About our Addiction Treatment Programs

The private addiction treatment programs we have designed are internationally known and are far beyond programs you can find at a traditional drug rehab centre. Our Programs are known as one of the very best in the world. We have helped thousands of people all over the world with substance abuse, addictions, mood and personality disorders and other emotional issues including trauma. Since 2012 we have run a totally independent and completely private addiction programs, events, retreats, courses around the world called the Paradigm Process of Addiction Recovery designed by Mark L Lockwood BA(HONS)(PSY)
Our wellness centre in Plettenberg Bay, the Monaco of South Africa with a team of highly skilled professionals who have been in the business of healing of all kinds, in all areas, including behavioural addiction, depression , mental and emotional recovery for decades. We do events, retreats and many programs. 
Rather than rely simply on addiction counsellors teaching just the 12 steps we use our own program that took over 10 years to build, thoroughly research and implement. Although Pathways Luxury addiction treatment centre is how the addiction programs we designed began, we now don’t run a drug rehab centre in any way shape or form. The model doesn’t work well enough! We are not an inpatient substance abuse treatment centre. The low recovery rates of substance abuse treatment centres of 5-20% where not what we were about. So we decided to treat the personality and got 68% better success rates for the first time ever! When we saw people getting well psychological, emotionally and spiritually through alternative practices we became integrated and wanted the results they were getting in changing peoples lives. 

Spiritual Healing and Wellness Centre

Our spiritual healing and wellness centre psychologists, psychiatrists and other addiction psychology professionals like Mark L Lockwood make this completely alternative Addiction Treatment Center experience what it has become over the last 13 years. We use the 10 Steps of the Paradigm Process of Addiction Recovery to take names as far as recovery goes. This process has been clinically researched by our team over a decade and a half and what we have found has brought us 50 years ahead of the game. 
We have a dedicated team of psychologists and highly experienced independent professionals who operate as a very powerful healing and life transformational team to help people heal from burnout, stress, addictions, personality disorders and more. We understand that everyone is different. We have designed ultra-modern and highly effective programs for individuals who are seeking healing, growth and life transformation in all areas of their lives. These programs were designed for people who want an alternative way to find balance, harmony and restoration for themselves. This program is run at our Center for Healing and Life Transformation in South Africa, where Mark and his team help people from all over the world heal, restore and renew their lives. We do psychological and emotional wellness. We do healing, transformation and 180 degree turnarounds. We don’t do drug rehab. We do Rehab for the soul! We treat the personality and emotions, the mind and the body, the heart and the soul. All our retreats, events, programs, online courses are different, individualised, specialised and scientifically formulated to ensure our clients achieve what they want to achieve. 
Did you know you can design your own program with us? We enjoy tailor making our super-advanced programs with our clients to achieve the optimal results.


With over twenty three years of combined experience in treating all types of addiction, personality disorders and dual diagnosis cases from ADHD to burnout and stress, we are proudly confident that we have some of the most experienced people on our team.  Our team of 10 consultant doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists we have worked with for over a decade know how uniquely we work and they too, provide the client with the very best in modern treatments available. When a client works with this team, amazing things begin to happen. End of story! Healing occurs on many levels and there are no words to explain it. There is a connection that runs right through our daily work, from top down that is simply wonderful to be a part of. 

Life Transformation 

Besides the surrounding oceans, beaches, forests and mountains we have a pool deck, big screen HDTV’s, uncapped fibre wifi etc. This ensures we have all the modern comforts of home to assist our clients in a homely and luxurious setting. We’re literally on the beach with 180 degree views and overlook a canopy of never ending forest trees and forests and a game reserve as well! This allows us to make the most of the area, which is a home away from home for our clients. Tons of personal space, on many levels, creates the ultimate work space for our clients healing, recovery and life transformation. 

Design your own Addiction Treatment program 

Did you know you can design your own program with us? We enjoy tailor making our 90 day programs with our clients to achieve the optimal results. We work with you at the centre and then you continue the work with our tea, from home. You are able to choose how your day flows and what you wish to spend your time doing. We do DBT, CBT, Life coaching through to psychology sessions and of course have our own 10 step recovery program called The Paradigm Process which is known around the world and was designed by Mark L Lockwood, or addiction psychology specialist. 

For more information about us and our Paradigm Process addiction treatment programs, events and retreats please get in touch, or call 0824424779. For more information about our other many other programs run at Center for Healing and Life Transformation you can use the above contact information. You Can heal your life! 
Luxury Rehab for the Soul