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About our Addiction Treatment Center Program

Make no mistake, the professional experience of our team is our strength and impact! All our work is word of mouth. Mark L Lockwood and his team of registered therapists work in a super modern, person centered manner, that is one of a kind. Most people have tried many other avenues by the time they reach us. When they do, we make profound personal transformations happen, together with the client, who is valued and treated as an individual looking for a higher quality life and freedom from mental and emotional suffering. If this is you, or your loved one, get involved today and learn more about Center for Healing and Life Transformation and our Pathways Addiction Treatment Programs. 
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With over thirty years of combined experience in treating all types of addiction and dual diagnosis cases, we are proudly confident that we have some of the most experienced people on our team.  Our consultant psychiatrists and psychologists know how uniquely we work and they too, provide the client with the very best in modern treatments available. When a client works with this team, amazing things begin to happen. Healing occurs on many levels and there are no words to explain it. There is a connection that runs right through our daily work, from top down that is simply wonderful to be a part of. 
Pathways Addiction Treatment Center Program caters for healing at our center as well as online, and even aftercare options. A super-modern take on in-patient primary, secondary and tertiary care is offered as well as online counselling to all drug and alcohol abuse clients, depressive and anxiety disorders, dual diagnosis and eating disorders. We are also determined serial relapse specialists who believe in the most modern international approach to addiction treatment, coupled with ancient wisdom. In other words we are all inclusive and non-ritualistic or dualisitic in our approaches. One of the first things people learn about our drug rehab centre. We are open, inclusive and progressive rather than closed, exclusive and stagnant. That’s the thing about our super unique Addiction Treatment Center Program that makes it as special as it is. 

More about our drug rehab centre

Pathways has a superb, clean and serene facility, situated a mere 300 meters from the beach. With large private rooms that are mostly en suite, 5 bathrooms and three quarter beds for sleeping comfort. Comfort and a homely experience dominates luxury, making it a standard home away from home experience. No frills. Just practicality.

Besides the surrounding oceans, forests and mountains we have a pool, a big screen HDTV with a premium satellite TV bouquet. This ensures we have all the modern comforts of home to assist our clients in a homely and comfortable setting. Our fully equipped gym with half Olympic pool, shops, coffee shops, meetings and the beach are all well within walking distance. We’re only 10 minutes walk from the beach and a minutes drive. This allows us to make the most of the area, which is a home away from home for our clients. Private access to our tennis and squash courts and two lounge pools ensure time out, personal space and peace of mind are always to be found at the center. 

Pathways specializes not only in personalized primary care but also in very well developed, modern DSM-5 Addiction Treatment programmes for serial relapse, and co-morbidity clients (addiction and depression etc.) who are ready to re-integrate their lives back into society. Again, due to small numbers, it is all personalized to the clients needs.

We don’t believe throwing you into a setting where you have to fit in to general lectures and only have 12 step lectures all day. In fact, that is about ten percent of our programme. Connecting the four pillars of emotional, physical, psychological and your spiritual self is paramount to our work with you. This is an individual, drug Addiction Treatment Center Program that offers holistic 12 step treatment, through to spiritual transformation that is vitally coupled with other modern perspectives. 

For our families:

Our intention is to help our clients, but also their families through a course of recovery that is mindbogglingly second to none. Much of addiction is a family problem, so we encourage the family to become a part of the programme by sharing in resources, videos, family pack information that gets us all on the same page at the end of the day.

Whether it is a clinical detox with our doctors at the clinic or primary, secondary, or tertiary styled care that you need, we are here to assist of course, but what is most important and unique is that we meet you where you are. We are far removed from any kind of clinical setting. Pathways use only the best local, professional services of drug and alcohol abuse counselors, psychologists, therapists and doctors. Plettenberg Bay, a half hours flight from Cape Town, itself has a well known wealth of highly skilled professionals who service the many annual visitors to the area. Both private practice professionals and our very own medi-clinic centre in Plettenberg Bay have assisted us with a reputation for what is fast becoming a major recovery hub in South Africa.  

Get in touch with us to find out more about our Addiction Treatment Center Program and to let us know what your situation is, and what your goals of treatment are. We will in turn design and hone a good solution that works and fits your requirements, purposes and goals. 
For more information about Mark L Lockwood  and our Addiction Treatment Center Program’s please get in touch. info@pathwaysplettrehab.co.za, or call 0824424779. For more information about our other programs at Center for Healing and Life Transformation you can use the above contact information. You Can heal your life! 
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