AA and NA meetings

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The AA and NA meetings Plett

See meeting times and maps below and learn about AA and NA meetings and the 12 steps of AA here. Understand what open and closed meeting are and how you can get involved in meetings and start with Step one of the 12 Steps.

NA Meetings

Address: House of Steps, next to Community Hall, Piesang Valley Road, Plettenberg Bay.

Telephone 083 900 MY NA

Weekly NA Times:

19:00-20:00 Tuesday

19:00-20:00 Thursday

17:00 – 18:00 Sundays

AA Meetings

Contact AA Western Cape for further information, or areas close to Plettenberg Bay 021 418 0908.

Group Name: Plettenberg Group. Telephone: 0861 435 722, or email aawestcape@telkomsa.net

Address: House of Steps, next to Community Hall, Piesang Valley Road, Plettenberg Bay. (Tuesday at Anglican Church).

Weekly AA Times in Plettenberg Bay:

19:00-20:30  Monday (open meeting 1st Monday of every month, otherwise a closed meeting. “Newcomer meeting” – Open to rehabs & members of the Fellowship of AA – at House of Steps

19:00-20:00 Tuesday At the Anglican Church, Church Street, Plettenberg Bay“Living in Recovery meeting” – Open to members of the Fellowship of AA only – at St. Peters Church

19:00-20:30 Wednesday at the House of Steps, closed meeting. “Mid-week meeting” – Open to rehabs & members of the Fellowship of AA – at House of Steps

12:30-13:30 Friday the House of Steps, closed meeting. “Friday lunch-time meeting” – Open to rehabs & members of the Fellowship of AA – at House of Steps

18:00-19:00 Saturday the House of Steps, closed meeting. “Living in Recovery meeting” – Open to members of the Fellowship of AA only – at House of Steps.

Daily AA and NA meetings are held in Plettenberg Bay, see the weekly times below. There is a mammoth recovery community that is fast becoming well known around the world as a recovery capital. Socially, this recovery community is invaluable as there are always a kaleidoscope of different people from around the world who have their own stories to tell about their past, their recovery journey and of course the amazing promise of a bright future as better than well!

The many coffee shops around Plettenberg Bay usually have at least a couple of fellows in recovery gracing their doors at one time or another. It lends for a welcoming feeling that brings with it a sense of belonging. Plettenberg Bay is highly special in this way. The way it brings people in recovery, from many addiction treatment centres, along different points in their recovery together.

Pathways clients attend at least three AA and NA meetings in Plett per week. We suggest this as a minimum for anyone in early recovery which continues from 3-12 months, according to the, 2015 DSM-5 Psychiatric manual.

Pathways Plett rehab, where all are welcome have registered addiction counsellors available for sessions in person or online. Pathways Drug Rehab Center offers inpatient and outpatient treatment options from primary to aftercare, to wellness retreats and recovery refresher courses. Get in touch. info@pathwaysplettrehab.co.za for inquiries.

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AA Plettenberg Bay

What are the closed and open meetings of AA?

The purpose of all A.A. group meetings, as the Preamble states, is for A.A. members to share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. Toward this end, A.A. groups have both open and closed meetings.

Closed Meetings: Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon Family Groups, and Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings are generally Closed meetings unless otherwise stated. Closed meetings are limited to members and prospective members only and listed as Closed in the meeting schedules. Closed meetings are for A.A. members only, or for those who have a drinking problem and “have a desire to stop drinking.”

Open Meetings: Open meetings are for anyone who is interested in AA, Al-Anon or ACOA. If a meeting is Open it will be so designated on the published schedule. Open meetings can be attended by students, professionals, and other non-members interested in learning more about the recovery programs. The designation of a meeting as Open does not change the meetings primary purpose of the group.  Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers (From Tradition Five). Thus, in summary, Open meetings are available to anyone interested in Alcoholics Anonymous’ program of recovery from alcoholism. Non-alcoholics may attend open meetings as observers.

For help with AA and NA meetings or alcohol, drug addiction, depression, or eating disorder issues please get in touch with Pathways and we will assist you with any questions and queries that you may have + 0044 533 0330

AA and NA meetings 

AA and NA meetings
The AA and NA meetings Plett at The Hut, located behind the Plett Gym off Piesang Valley Road
AA and NA meetings
The Hut where our AA meetings are held is located just off Piesang Valley Road, Behind the Plett Gym