Pathways Drug and Wellness Recovery Centre

Most of our work is done by referral. Pathways counsellors are registered addiction specialists. We offer an intensive programme that is time honoured. The Pathways Plett brand has been built through one successful relationship after another with clients have have come to our drug rehab centres to end a life of chaos, obsession and unmaneagabliity.  More often than not, their journeys have been too long, too entrenched in disease and all the problems it brings to self and others. Addicts often tend to confuse intensity with intimacy resulting in an avoidance of all things love and life. Addicts develop a love and trust relationship with a substance or compulsion of some kind or another. This becomes their primary emotional relationship, even their higher power. The drugs, the alcohol or the obsessive behaviours become the deep emotional craving that wants passing intensity of the drug, to substitute for intimacy of self and otherly love…something all of us human beings cannot do without. We need the real thing. We need relationship. In order to have this we must come face to face with ourselves, and share what we find within, with others. When we do this we are in communion with the world, and with our own souls, and when this happens addictions self destruct and slip away, taking a back seat to a life of connection and purpose. 

Addictions, obsessions, self debilitating depressions, anxiety and many other dual diagnosis’s require an emotional fix, rather than merely a physical one. So in therapy at our drug rehab centres, we have learned to work with body first, then add a mix of mind, soul and all things spiritual. 

Healing in our drug rehab centres 

The 12 steps provide a way to connect with reality. Often simply accepting things as they are, is enough of a catalyst for change and to get you to re-write your life’s story. The way it was meant to be written. In the present moment, looking forward without expectation, and without looking backwards into resentment. Addiction gets worse. Sickness gets worse if untreated. Thus, even trying to settle for staying as sick as we are is not going to work. Life demands growth, it demands passion, connection and contribution, which is where the journey of the 12 steps take us to. 

The good news is that ‘we do recover’. People come through the dark nights of the soul of their past and rise through addiction as one would rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Starting a new journey is difficult. Much like life. It is the starting that leaves us feeling powerless, overwhelmed and bumping knees on rock bottom, which paradoxically will oftentimes help us begin taking the first step into recovery. The necessity that addiction inevitably brings is not an ending point, but rather a starting point. People will often first describe addicts as those who have little will power, no driving force or motivation and an absolute inability to face life. Alcoholics anonymous tend to describe addiction as a spiritual disease, that has a spiritual solution. When we recognize that inner longing for intimacy and connection has not been helped by our addictions or compulsions, but rather has left us more frustrated and unfulfilled, and bitterly empty…it is from this point of consciousness that change can be born. Change is recovery. Moral failure is guaranteed for us all at some point, yet some stay stuck in the sinking sand of it all. They become bitter, twisted and addicted. However it is from these very deep and dark emotions that we seek change; that we seek a spiritual solution both within and without. Our drug rehab centres, if you’re able to find a good one, will help you rewrite your story. It will help you recovery what was lost in addiction. At drug rehab centres, many come through the doors kicking and screaming, resisting and avoiding anything and everything other than their drug of choice. But the one who become willing, who push through denial, blaming and other defense mechanisms usually do recover. It is remarkable really. It is early in the 21st century and we are still talking the same language of our ancestors of 5000 years ago and that of St. Francis of Assisi who rightly said that it is dying to self(ego and addiction) that we are born to eternal life (a spiritual solution).

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