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Pathways provides in-patient rehab treatment to all drug and alcohol abuse clients, disorders, dual diagnosis, ED, depression and we are also determined serial relapse specialists. Nothing like traditional in-patient treatment. Here you remain your own person, growing through the need and want to change your life. Accountability and responsibility remain with you. Grow your recovery in Plettenberg Bay with a well renowned, large recovery community. Find a job, get our confidence back. Grow! Additional services include General Counselling for all people, in all kinds of situations – Depression, addiction, relationships, marriage, grief, trauma and general counselling. We provide unique rehab that is wellness and sober living focused for all kinds of addictions. We also help with any kind of self development. Everyone is on a different journey.

It’s never easy to start something new, especially a life! But that’s what we need to do. We are given daily bread, nothing more. We have to live; just for today. That’s because we make mistakes, we take the wrong paths. We become unstuck. But know this, there are always two paths (at least) for you to take. There are always choices one can make. Always.

The recovery process for drug or alcohol addiction begins once the person struggling with dependence realizes that he or she might need help. Even though the decision for a in-patient rehab treatment program often comes during the early stages of recovery, it is arguably the single most important factor when it comes to guaranteeing long-term sobriety.

Staying in a place where we are repeating our mistakes daily and still assuming things are going to change for the better one day, is unmanageable insanity. We have to take action if we want to recover; if we want something brighter and better. Although change is never easy, it’s definitely far from impossible. We get to see the miracles of change that take place in our clients again and again. People who stand up and give recovery a go reap the rewards! You can be one of those people. You deserve nothing less.

The right in-patient rehab is far less scary than living the above lifestyle, groundhog style.

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What is our unique in-patient rehab about?

Residential in-patient rehab programmes and out-patient programmes are safe, structured environments in which patients are removed from stressful circumstances that promote or fuel the urge to use. Because negatively influencing factors are removed from a patient’s daily experience, participants in in-patient rehab treatment programs can begin to work on building life skills that had been interfered with due to addiction. Because of this intensive level of care, residential treatment programs are ideal for people who have unsuccessfully attempted to overcome addiction in outpatient programs, or for people who have identified that they need drug or alcohol treatment and want to “do it right” the first time. As previously stated, the level of care necessary for a patient should be determined by an in-person assessment with a qualified medical or counseling professional. Most often, in-patient rehab patients who have attempted outpatient programs without success do require residential care sooner rather than later. Tackling the addiction problem head on, is often the nest choice in he long run. This is what we do at Pathways in-patient and sober living rehab centre, South Africa.

in-patient rehab

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Whether it is drug and alcohol addiction treatment or, an eating disorder, divorce or of course depression, or grief that has led to a life of chaos and addiction – we can help! For more info on our wellness and sober living rehab packages contact us at or call +27824424779