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Help me, help myself. learn about the Power of healing your life.
Want to learn about how to heal yourself. Learn how the pros do it, and make the necessary changes in your life to self actualize and become all you can be.
Discover actual sessions, notes, affirmations, meditations and sessions that bring conscious and subconscious together. Stop walking around in the dark. Align, shift and live the miracles you dream of.
Auto Therapy, discusses the power to heal your life, yourself.

A Path to the healing and restoration of Body, Mind and Soul.
Pulling no punches and telling it like it is, this book is about personal development, relationships and spirituality. Taking the reader into the realm of the unknown, it unearths in them feelings of healing, peace and inner contentment.

Auto therapy blends the teachings of Freud, Maslow, Rogers and Frankl with the timeless teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, the Torah and the Bible into one wild cocktail of Auto therapy, a cocktail that can really heal your life! Auto therapy invites the reader to embark on a journey of awakening and heightened awareness, one of light and love that can lead to healing, peace and self actualisation.
Auto therapy is for anyone who is searching for something; especially three things,healing, personal growth or God realisation.

About the Author

Mark Lockwood has a passion for theology, psychology and spirituality and has hundreds of hours of therapy time with patients from all spheres of life , dealing with trauma, marriage, depression through to disorders and suicides. Marks study of human behaviour, self reliance and human development over the past 15 years have provided invaluable insights into how people think, function and behave. Working as a life coach therapist in Gauteng, and now in Plettenberg Bay as an addictions therapist, he counsels individuals and groups and hosts live speaking engagements and seminars, teaching people about the importance of therapy in their lives.

Auto Therapy – Author: Mark L. Lockwood ~ The Power to Heal your Life