Pathways luxury rehab centre for the Soul changed the way addiction treatment centre programs ran in South Africa almost 20 years ago by providing super-modern alternatives to addiction treatment for people demanding high-level alternatives. Pathways luxury rehab centre for the soul programs offer highly advanced holistic psychological, emotional and spiritual healing alternatives to a drug rehab centre which many people, executives, students, the successful and the affluent would never consider. Thankfully the world has changed and so is the way we look at mental health and the need for highly individualised treatment alternatives beyond the main stream that help people find a balanced, powerful and new way to live.

The beauty of a private luxury mental health clinic and alternative rehab experience is that you don’t need to get out of your comfort zone at all. The broadsword of the medical and mental health and wellness sector is not what our clients are looking for. Instead they choose a scalpel approach for working specifically on what they need to at their own pace in their own time and in their own way. For many it is Non-negotiable and that’s the service we provide our private clients. We welcome you to the future.


No clinical setting, no dated rehab format, no labels, no nonsense just highly advanced and thorough personality development programs from experienced professionals with international acclaim.

Our successful Spiritual Healing and Luxury Wellness Centre was established in 2012 and has developed many healing and recovery products used internationally that soon became world renowned. Our advanced retreats, books, recovery centre programs, events and center products have evolved into addiction recovery programs such as the ultra-modern The Paradigm Shift Process – 10 pathways to recovery for the soul which directly and relentlessly focuses on the personality rather than the presenting addiction at all! Mark and his professional team of experts found that the success rates of 10% were not acceptable to their clientele who wanted something more powerful, unique and practical.

Rehabilitation for the Soul

Today we focus and work on the personality, the emotional masks and the emerging person within that desperately needs to evolve from their stuckness. 13 years of research and evidence we have accumulated are now reaping unique results in our holistic field that are taking names worldwide! For more than a decade, our team has conducted thousands of hours of original research on recovery, treatment and transformation – observing normal people doing non-normative things, and measuring the results, and analysing the data it demonstrates there is a clear formula for creating lasting changes in the body, heart and mind through the masks of the personality.

Center for Healing & Life Transformation

The Evolution of the Luxury Rehab Centre

The world-renowned 10 Step Paradigm Process of Addiction Recovery, designed by addiction psychology expert Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy), who is an expert in the field of addiction with over 25,000 hours of counselling time, is changing life after life, person after person, retreat after retreat. Mark’s alternative and unique programs used at home, on airlines, in corporate environments and everywhere else in the universe! Addictions are highly treatable and in fact addictions are hard to diagnose and the criteria used to diagnose them is flawed. So in the end we decided not to treat addictions with such low success rates at all.

Mark L Lockwood got an honours degree in psychology, deep dived into all available addiction treatment programs, and studied all the religions of the world since 1997. That work he did combined with thousands of hours of therapy, scientifically researched and hundreds of studied success stories led to the many products, books, programs and retreats he runs today. Mark is an author and life strategist with an unlimited scope of expertise, leads, teaches and trains a team of coaches, counsellors and psychologists on the science of finding your spiritual self, of making the unconscious conscious and of reaching core problems in short periods of time with powerful and modern tools of healing everything! There are no half measures in Mark’s work and common people get to achieve uncommon results regardless of the issues they present or the stories they have created, believed and then defended thus far

Spiritual Healing & Wellness Centre, Retreats, Events and online Addiction Programs.

Our recovery experiences, events, retreats and workshops depending on what areas clients want to focus on does almost everything differently than a standard drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Our events, workshops and programs run from home are designed to make sure people who are burnt-out, stressed, dealing with trauma, depression and anxiety have the chance to also target their addictions as an imminent and probable effect of their issues. Addictions generally result as a result of these issues and that is something we want to help people with in different ways. Targeting the personality head on is a ultra-modern way of creating all round wellness of body, mind, emotions and our spiritual selves.

For more than a decade, our professional team has conducted thousands of hours of original research – observing common people doing the uncommon, measuring the results, and analyzing the data. The evidence demonstrates there is a clear formula for creating lasting changes in the body and mind.

We wanted to make sure that regular people who have regular problems and emotional issues are no longer neglected and can also get advanced holistic help for obsessions, addictions, food issues, and so on rather as a preventative step that may help them not need a drug rehab center one day. We wanted to stop people from climbing in the river rather than trying to help them out of the water later. Thus, from the origins of a luxury rehab center, came the birth of one of the most effective and comprehensive alternative and advanced recovery programs in the world today. Without the restraints. No labels. No drug rehab center, and no staying stuck! For years people have tried to label our broad scope of work incorrectly.

What we see now is that people are addicted to their thinking and not their drinking. We treat the persona, person and the personality, the emotional self and the spiritual self. We don’t treat the presenting problem of addiction because when you get to the core of real issues the symptoms dissolve.

When you go beneath the surface of presenting problems deep into the aspects of personality and the subconscious mind that create issues with body-heart-mind then you can create a radical life transformation. That is what we do for people. We don’t just heal them, we transform their lives.

Mark L Lockwood – addiction psychology specialist since 1997
Luxury Rehab for the Soul

Addiction Programs. Retreats. Events. Training.

Our highly advanced, scientifically researched and tested programs over the last 13 years are decades beyond main stream treatment and some of these elite Addiction Treatment programs people work through where privacy, space and the best of African geography, ocean and wildlife meet in paradise. Come to unwind and rebalance and if you feel you may benefit from working the Paradigm Process you can do so in the lap of luxury in the beautiful coastal town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, or from home.

Design your own specialised private experience with a team of psychology professionals since 2012 

All our Addiction Treatment Programs and emotional wellness programs we design, test, and create are completely private, intensive, individualized, alternative, and have been designed to help you change and transform your life for the better. Top to bottom – not just possible addiction or compulsive issues that are presenting! We work on physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of people. We don’t concern ourselves with addiction treatment at all we leave that to drug rehab centres which of course have a valuable place in our communities. With the personality and spirituality work we elect to do, it is like putting a band aid on a bullet wound.

At our events, retreats, or spiritual Healing and Wellness Centre, which are some of our pinnacle products, you can experience a 180-degree turnaround for yourself. Our consultant psychologists, psychiatrists, qualified life coaches, and the rest of our holistic team, who are so rich in Plett, combine decades of experience in the field. They work on the powerful psychological and emotional wellness program daily, from the privacy of your own space. All programs will be designed specifically for you. Our clients hail from all over the world and want to work on burnout, stress and unmanageable emotions that come from anxious parts of a defensive personality that needs to be treated.

Luxury Rehab Centre

Our Formula for recovery Success is thoroughly tested and researched and known all over the world as one of the very best available

We provide a non-clinical environment at the top, with courses designed by experienced addiction recovery experts in the field. Our team is made up of Mark, exceptional psychologists, life coaches, our very experienced specialist psychiatric doctors, and a team of consultant specialist psychiatrists, chiropractors, mindfulness and wellness teachers, etc. The wealth of local talent in our area is endless, a-grade and beyond world-class!

No loss of privacy. No big crowds. Just transformational healing and physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellness at the highest international levels. Half measures do absolutely nothing.

What to expect

  • No Pressure. No Stress. Just profound personal transformation.
  • luxury rehab centre for the soul heals body, heart, mind and soul together.
  • Improve my mental mindset and my emotional well-being.
  • No clinical setting, no dated rehab, no labels, no nonsense just highly advanced and thorough personality development programs from experienced professionals.
  • Maximize my overall health and recovery
  • Advance my career goals and objectives
  • Help yourself heal from depression, anxiety, personality and mood disorders and rather get go beyond addictions through to a complete body, heart or mind-reset. Work the Paradigm Process Course and get beyond your personality. No Labels. Just spiritual healing and wellness offered at the highest level.
  • Increase my productivity
  • Enhance my life direction
  • Find my life purpose, meaning, mindfulness

Emotionally Burnt out? Try the center for Healing and Life Transformation, which gives you 180 degree rolling ocean views and is located where the best of the African bush and Ocean meet. Walk on the beach everyday with Whales and Dolphins on one side and the Big Five on the other. Enjoy the majesty of Lion, Elephants, Leopards and Rhino's on the other side. White sandy beaches, amazing restaurants and even the heart of the African Bush, backed by the Knysna Forests gives us everything one could possibly want to experience in nature. 

Our mission: To create a space for personal inspiration, growth, and life transformation.

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Our luxury rehab centre programs and products, events and retreats and our Spiritual healing and wellness is everyone’s business and obligation today! We simply provide state of the art therapy and holistic healing only related to broad fields of Therapy, Spirituality, Psychology, Theology and the human sciences in general. Many of the consultants and staff we use have various qualifications and registrations of their own which do not form part of our companies direct framework. We provide the most advanced addiction treatment programs in the world as well as programs that treat other sources of trauma and stress that result in issues with the personality, emotions and our clients general wellbeing. See our terms and conditions carefully before using any of our websites, events, products or retreats.

Retreats. Events. Courses & Professional training throughout the year.

When the personality is no longer serving you but hindering you then you need a new program. When a computer program becomes redundant we need to get rid of it and replace it with a new one. It is the same with the programs we run in our bodies hearts and minds. Because the world is changing so quickly we need to keep up. There is no room left to operate from money mind without inevitably falling from the tree. If we fall behind we fall into survival or victim modes that naturally keep us suppressed and distressed. At some point we know we need to run a new program however it is easier said than done in understanding where to find that program and how to install it. The 10 step program to heal your life is that program – the Paradigm Process. For more information about our luxury rehab centre for the soul programs, get in touch.